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Re: <nettime> The Economist: The Internet sells its soul

There are a number of technical utility (ISP)
providers who take a long term view over
the security of digital properties as well
as compliance over existing and expected
laws and regulatory frameworks, with well
advised policies on social inclusion, the
refusal of content that denigrates rights.

There are also a number of legal firms
advanced in their understanding of ethical
and legal problems likely to arise, and
knowledgeable about digital compyright law,
and its enforcement.

There are also a number of promotion and marketing companies
skilled in the methods of cynical reason 
and knowledgeable about the new networks.

There are quite a few people and collectives making brilliant work and content.

There are tens of millions of people with network access internationally.

There's just an appalling culture of scholarship and of curation. (timid, pliant 
and compromised people).

New people needed in both areas.

I'll shortly be completing my 'Unmarked 
Graveof History - Unmade Bed of Culture' 
work and will get back to Internet stuff.

If anyone would like to know more about the first two items above, get in touch.


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