Bill Spornitz on Mon, 22 Apr 2002 23:23:27 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> for what it's worth: Earth day

An earthday rant:


To my mind, Earth Day is a granfalloon; that is, a mass manifestation 
of a nothing.

For the earthday to have real meaning for more real people: a 
prescription for the establishment and subsequent madison avenue 
artifi-celebration of various global Moon and Sun days to which we 
could compare our earthday; to get a little worked up about and just 
maybe piss ourselves off enough to mount appropriate challenge 
(retaliatory, perhaps military, perhaps tactical, no doubt mediated) 
against our stinking foes, the perpetual and verminous Other (from 
whence we came); with the sole aim to enfranchise earthday as the 
mom-and-pop option, clearly market-demarcated safely in the 
meaningless middle-ground, as always, surrounded on all sides with 
lesser options, shining like apple pie against the cold light of 
moonday (moonight?) and the scorching and all consuming Sun Day, with 
all it's looting, ritual sacrifices and general unseemliness.

Picking up litter is the simplest human act in response to earthday. 
You see: To pick up all the litter in only one major Western city 
would require an army, and our armies are currently busy, doing what 
they are trained to do. But don't worry, today is the only Earth Day 
this year.


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