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"Berlusconimania" 6-( The soap-Opera): "Strike!!"

The Situation!

While 13 millions workers did strike in Italy tuesday 16 april for 
workers'rights, the government experiences an original political 
strategy: "Eclectic Nonchalance".

The Leader !!

In the usual surprising show of mediatic acting and sudden changements 
of styles and points of view, The Leader has expressed new impressive 

While asked about the result of the strike he answered in the famous 
Garbo-style fashion "Leave me alone.", with the majestic, misterious 
nonchalance of the Diva in "Queen Christie" (directed by R.Mamoulian in 

And when press asked more he switched to the open-eyed ing=E9nue-style 
of Marie Antoinette Queen of France "Are they asking for bread? But why 
don't they eat brioches!." ( France just before French Revolution)

The Philosophy!

" I believe most of the people were striking without knowing why.." (if 
you don't believe it check on Italian press)

Obviously and subtly referring to one of his usual readings, Jean Paul 
Sartre's "Beeing and Nothingness", he seems to express the concept of 
the eternally deceiving relationship between "real life" and "personal 
concept" of reality reconfigured in prospect of death...

The Ministers!

Minister of Welfare(?) Forza-Italia/ Maroni says, echoing Berlusconi: 
"We will not step back on article 18 (which means end of the workers 
rights on stability of job)

The Televisions!

With a sudden switch of behaviour  Berlusconi has taken possession of 
practically all big television channels.

He has now the 6 major tv channels.!!!!

Suddenly threatening and menacing ( the evil Queen in Disney's "Snowhite 
and the 7 Dwarfs"? turning to even meaner bad-bad witch: 1936?1937?) he 
challenges democracy to answer to his Power.

The Foucault Lesson!

Interpretating his favourite book ( livre de chevet Foucault's 
"Surveillance and Punishment") Berlusconi throws out of the 
institutional Tv talk-showman Santoro & comic actor Fazio & 
dean/newspaperman Biagi for beeing "infamous" towards the "Regime". ( 
...And a storm will wipe them away!...New Testament)   

About the Soap Opera!

While waiting the "BERLUSCONIMANIA" soap opera to get to an end 
("Dinasty" did.) it's the moment to inform the most acffectionate public 
that he can find the old numbers on both Syndicate and Nettime archives

The marketing!!!!

We have decided not to leave our audience without that precious elements 
of confort about our Berlusconi/hero represented by "gadgets".

So you can only send an e-mail and you will receive:

1) one or more of simil-Berlusconi-teeth as you can see them in his 
unbelievable "cheese-smiles" ( some says that like sharks's theet they 
do grow and fall and grow and fall and grow and fall..)

2) The Simil-Berlusconi/Shoe. Beeing very small (like all great leaders: 
Napoleon.) he has invented ingenious ways to look bigger.

Inspite the show he did in a European Community meeting taking off his 
shoe ( certainly a quotation of the famous shoe/banging of Krushev at 
ONU  in the early sixties) Berlusconi shoes have been searched and 
detected as very complex technological engines.

The shoe will tell you how.

More to Come & Ciao!

Lorenzo Taiuti

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