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Re: <nettime> The Economist: The Internet sells its soul

Anyone else? Please, if you want to assist lists now hosted
on Yahoo!, let me know. The best would be if list owners
are 'matched' with the server which is close to their activities,
either thematically or geographically, or affinitywise. In case
you wonder, this call is not for 'free' services. Some
independent servers ask a small fee, but I never heard that
such fees were a big problem. In case people do not like
financial administration, such fees can also be paid once
a year or even every two years. Ted is right that moving
a list is delicated and complicated affair, but that should 
not stop anyone from making the move. The agressive adds
underneath each Yahoo! posting have really become
huge lately. Reason enough to go and look for an
interesting sparing partner--or start a mail server yourself.


From: "Architexturez." <>
To: "'geert'" <>
Subject: your Yahoo! suggestion on Nettime

Hi, Geert, I just read your post on <nettime> The Economist: The
Internet sells its soul

You say:

" Maybe we post a list of servers, ready to receive former Yahoo! groups
and make a wider public announcement, showing that there are viable
alternatives to Yahoo!"

yes! Certainly, will host every architecture and
spatiality related list that needs to defect from Yahoo! Or any of the
commercial services.

Architexturez is a free, "open" (inasmuch as one can be) community of
architecture and related studies.

Be sure to include us in case you ever publish a list. We'd do the rest.


Anand Bhatt. For Architexturez.

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