Ricardo Bello on Sat, 20 Apr 2002 14:26:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Venezuela, the dark side, a paranoical portrait

     And now, the dark side, the paranoical one. Chavez had powerful
enemies insided the Armed Forces, Generals with effective troop
commands and heavy firepower. How could he get rid of them in
a constitutional way, without appearing as a tyrant in the international
community? Letting loose “Circulos Bolivarianos”, the most fanatics
of his followers organized in a structure inspired by Cuban´s
“Comité de Defensa de la Revolución” (Committee for the Defense
of the Revolution), that exist in every street in every town,
hamlet or city in our dear Caribbean island. If the Bolivarianos
got excited, as they did in the Thursday 11th march, shooting
at random and sending an electrical shock to society, all rebel
Generals would stand forth, protest and demand Chavez´s resignation.
Then, identify in the public light and clearly outside the law,
he would crush them, as he actually did, depriving them of command
and artillery. Cunning, isn´t? Too paranoical? Let´s try this
	There are two strong arms dealers group in Venezuela. One of
them, it´s said (and of course, these are only rumours, with
no objective correlate in reality whatsoever) has its center
in Chavez´s Minister of Defense, José Vicente Rangel (a defender
of civil right during the sixties´ armed struggle between Venezuelan
Communist Party and Social Democratic governments, Presidential
Candidate for the Socialist Party in the seventies and now Minister
of Defense). The other group is said to gyrate around Israel´s
gun industries, represented in Venezuela by a group very close
to Perez Recao, Interim President Carmona´s boss in Venoco (a
previous job), in whose house the Opus Dei´s “coup inside the
coup” was forged. Who will now sell arms to Venezuela? Colombia
is gearing towards war with US help against the FARC (Colombia´s
leftist guerrilla that controls huge chunks of its territory).
Remember, a main issue with the Generals that ousted Chavez last
week was his relationship to the FARC. He was accuse of letting
them enter Venezuela when Colombia´s Army pursue got too heavy,
a fact Chavez has always denied but is a main issue creating
discontent among his Generals. Our little civil war would then
be just an scenario where two competing market forces meet in
a true democratic way, with a little help from G2 (Cuban´s intelligence)
and Mossad. 

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