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<nettime> Venezuela -- Thursday, April 18, 2002

Why does the VENOCO Chief have a weapons cache?

=========================================== Venezuela -- Thursday, April 18, 2002

President Hugo Chavez Frias as called on Ministers, State Governors and 
Mayors to help him sheathe his sword forever in "armory of best forgotten 
Opening the inaugural session of the new Federal Council of Government, the 
47-year-old President gave his personalized version of his 
overthrow.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

A considerable cache or weapons has been discovered at the home of  Venoco 
petrochemicals chief cum arms dealer Isaac Perez Recao --
Once the 'de facto' government started falling to pieces, Perez Recao took 
off with what is described as a private army and fled the country by 
helicopter to Aruba in the Dutch Antilles.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Back off Mr. Bush! Venezuela is forced to ask:
Who the heck are you to give lessons in democracy when we have the example 
of how you manipulated the Florida vote?  Get off your high horse and 
understand that Venezuela has totally rejected your attempts to install 
your puppet dictator-for-a-day!  Venezuelans have chosen to be governed by 
a Constitution formulated by an elected Constitutional Assembly, approved 
by a majority of the people in National Referendum and to accept a 
President who was elected by a greater majority than you could ever have 
mustered even with your family's political pull.  Haven't you done enough 
damage in Afghanistan?  Will your USA bombers continue to use Canadians for 
target practice?  How on earth can you even crawl out from behind a rock to 
tell any democratically-elected leader in this world what to do?  Venezuela 
has had enough of your interference.  Venezuelans don't want your spy 
planes treating national borders like white-painted lines on the highway 
when you choose to drive drunk!  Venez!
  uelans are wrestling with problems imposed by more than 40 years of 
USA-inspired corruption ... so rather than even attempt to tell President 
Chavez Frias what to do, why don't you crawl back under your rock and 
attempt to hide your shame at having been caught yet again with your 
thieving hand in the cookie jar.God Bless America, but be damned with 
George W. Bush!  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Chicago Tribune to correct to "misread" accusation that President Chavez 
Frias had "praised" bin Laden -- Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
files report of North American media distortion in reporting last week's 
Venezuelan coup and counter-coup d'etat.
   When elements of the Venezuelan military forced president Hugo Chavez 
from office last week, the editorial boards of several major US newspapers 
followed the US government's lead and greeted the news with 
enthusiasm.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Political parties have been dragging their feet in the national debate --
"it's as if nothing happened last weekend; as if the political parties were 
in fact the victors."  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

The second day of parliamentary debate in the National Assembly (AN)
has turned out to be the same as Wednesday's debacle with both sides 
churning out stoic party lines.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search! readers who wish to show their support
for our efforts as a truly independent source of news & views
from Venezuela are invited to send their contributions to:
Tropical Express News Venezuela Inc.
account # 5304931362, routing # 071000505
LaSalle Bank N.A.,135 S. LaSalle, Chicago, Il. 60603, USA Five <a 
officers implicated in the military-civilian coup d'etat against 
Venezuela's legitimate President Hugo Chavez Frias have been released
into house arrest by orders of a court martial pending individual trials. 
Vice Admiral Hector Ramirez Perez, Rear Admiral Daniel Comisso, Rear 
Admiral (ret.) Carlos Molina Tamayo, Air Force (FAV) General Pedro Pereira 
and National Guard (GN) Colonel Isidro Perez Villalobos are banned from 
leaving the country and must report periodically to a Control Court judge. 
(Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search! Venezuela has been under computer virus attack for most of 
the last 24-hours in what appears to be a determined effort on the part of 
some sections to bring independent news & views from Venezuela to a 
halt.  Our system is dealing routinely with the invasion using the latest 
anti-virus software and a firewall that has withstood many previous attacks 
of the same nature.  Obviously, there is someone out there who does not 
like the true version of events getting to the outside world!  (Thursday, 
April 18, 2002) Search!

800 confirmed deaths as a result of Venezuelan security forces repression ...
during the February 27, 1989 (27F) food riots against AD President Carlos 
Andres Perez ... Mossad agents reported mass graves that have still not 
been discovered. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Venezuelan Guayana Corporation (CVG) gold mining subsidiary Minerven
modernizing El Callao (Bolivar) Colombia mine and Caratal plant;  expected 
to increase production by 4.200 kilograms.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

The National Assembly (AN) will resume its debate on the events of April 
11-15 today
after yesterday's disgraceful partisan show of contempt for the 
parliamentary system from both sides of the political spectrum. (Thursday, 
April 18, 2002) Search!

Venezuelan telecommunications regulatory CONATEL will ask international 
organs to investigate the role of print & broadcast media
during last week's events ... "the spin that people were deprived of 
information because of political persecution is completely 
false."  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

An ecumenical council has made a joint declaration calling for national 
unity and an all round joint effort to beat the crisis --
Cardinal Ignacio Velasco, Evangelical Bishop Samuel Olson, Rabbi Pynchas 
Brenner and a representative from the Anglican Church in Venezuela were 
among signatories to the joint declaration.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez says he will only resign if it helps to 
solve Venezuela's crisis.
Facing a mounting campaign against him, Rodriguez insists that it isn't 
Hugo Chavez Frias he's backing but the 1999 Constitution. (Thursday, April 
18, 2002) Search!

Proof of complicity was not long in coming concerning the part of the Bush 
administration in he overthrow of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
according to investment newsletter writer Bob Chapman writing in THE 
INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER out this coming weekend.  The Bush administration 
had met several times over the past several months with the dictatorial 
junta that attempted the coup. Then they lied about the content of their 
talks.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

The ouster of Chavez Frias was brewed at an improvised conclave of 
civilians and military officers
highlights the role of Carmona Estanga's colleague, Venoco petrochemical 
businessman Isaac Perez Recao. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Chavez regained power while plotters bickered; Coup was not planned -- 
Washington Post:
Carmona was the face of Venezuela's short-lived coup, which ousted 
President Hugo Chavez last Thursday. Behind him, however, were clashing 
agendas and personalities that doomed the change in government, and made 
possible Chavez's return two days later.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Bush's response to Coup criticized; Latin Americans say US ignored 
democratic ideals -- CommonDreams NewsCenter:
the Bush administration's refusal to condemn the short-lived ouster of 
President Hugo Chavez has raised doubts about the US commitment to 
democracy.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Bush officials defend their actions on Venezuela -- Washington Post:
Bush administration officials forcefully defended themselves against 
criticism that they had interfered with the democratic process in 
Venezuela.  (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

The Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) conflict was the powder keg
that clinched Ortega's decision to call a national strike and work with 
Carmona Estanga. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Venezuelan Confederation of Trade Unions (CTV) president Carlos Ortega,
who has been in hiding for three days, claims that paramilitaries have 
threatened his life. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Accion Democratica (AD) backed CTV interim president Manuel Cova
is surrounded by less board members each time he calls a press conference. 
(Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

The fact that National Assembly (AN) first deputy president Rafael Simon 
agrees with the choice of Cofavic executive director Liliana Ortega to head 
a proposed "Truth Commission" shows how much the government bench is out of 
touch. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!
OAS chief issues warning about democracy in Venezuela; warned embittered 
Venezuelans to talk to one another or risk the loss of their democracy and 
their lives. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!
Venezuela government moves to ease tension with PDVSA staff;  acting 
swiftly to appease dissident management staff. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) 
Late US spot crude: Foreign crudes tighter. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!
Brent in the US: Prices rally on crude storage drawdown. (Thursday, April 
18, 2002) Search!
Brazil's Petrobras seen successful in unit buyout plans. (Thursday, April 
18, 2002) Search!
Venezuela Chavez' opposition rejecting reconciliation. (Thursday, April 18, 
2002) Search!
IPE close: Brent rallies as US inventories fall. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) 
Nymex close: Crude oil rallies on bullish inventory data. (Thursday, April 
18, 2002) Search!

Government guarantees food supplies ...
sufficient food inventory exists although a number of areas of Caracas need 
to be supplied. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) to auction National Public Debt Bonds ...
seen as an attempt to reduce interest rates. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Venezuelan Business Chamber (Fedecameras) denounces retaliations --
will be taking part in talks with government. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) 

Government delays plans to issue bonds overseas ...
the troubles last weekend caused delay. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Over $7 million lost due to looting over last weekend ... --
"act of vandalism could cost 3,000 jobs." (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Fitch see President Chavez making progress ...
" tone recently has been much more conciliatory." (Thursday, April 18, 
2002) Search!

Government to inject $139 million into Banco Industrial de Venezuela (BIV) --
registered a loss of Bs.53 billion last year. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) 

US$ = Bs.882.50/881.25 ...
bolivar strengthens by 2.75%. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

Caracas Stock Index falls 22.55 points to 6,956.3 ...
Industrial Index closed on 5,935.37. (Thursday, April 18, 2002) Search!

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