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<nettime> New "Life as a Black Man" board game

The game is called "Life as a Black Man," and its title 
alone has raised a considerable number of eyebrows 
from coast to coast.

Each player is an 18-year-old black male, struggling to 
make it. The goal is to make it from any one of four 
starting points: the ghetto, the military, the 
entertainment industry or the halls of a black university, 
to end the of the game board, to a place called 


Tired of Playing those same old boring Board Games?  
Well, the folks at Underground Games, Inc., a black 
owned game company, have come up with the most fun 
and interesting board game concept too ever hit the 
Market.  Life As A BlackMan the Game? is the first and 
only board game to depict life from the perspective of a 
minority.  "This is the party game for the next 
millennium," says Chuck Sawyer, C.E.O. Underground 
Games, Inc. 

You're an 18-year-old black male high school graduate 
entering society.   Where will you begin the game?  
Glamourwood, Black University, Military or Ghetto?  
What type of person, or shall I say Character Type will 
you be? Creative, Intellectual, Athletic?  Do you know 
good from evil?  Will it be Church or Crime?  Crime 
equals Police and Prison.  Do you have enough money 
for the Dream Team Attorney?  If not the Public 
Defender is free of charge.  What kind of car will you 
drive?  SUV, Used Car, Bucket, or No Car at all?  But 
remember you need a car to get around in Downtown.  
There's plenty of Action in the Cards, 360 in all, and it 
takes for 15-45 minutes to complete an entire game.  
There's only one goal in Life As A BlackMan the Game? 
and that's FREEDOM.  No more going around in endless 

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