Ricardo Bello on Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:09:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Two Caracas Escenarios

Chavez called today for the opening of a Federal Council. Every
State Governor and most civil organizations will participate,
looking for ideas in the political and economic order, needed
to avoid civil war, just a few steps ahead of us.

The country is divided, however if elections were called for
today, Chavez would probably win. A populist has always the advantage.
The fatal error made by the extreme right´s coup stole civil
society its impulse and legitimacy and will affect the credibility
of the anti-Chavez group.

Thursday´s 11th masacre should be investigated by an international
group, International Amnesty or another organization, but not
a single member of Congress, the opposition or Government should
be in it. I remember Michael Ondaatje´s novel Anil´s Ghost on
the killing during Sri Lanka Civil War and that horror is too
close. Both sides have develop an incredible level of intolerance,
hatred and appetite for violence. Both sides had snipers and
according to good sources, some shots came from the anti-Chavez´s
side, but, believe or not, from an extreme-left group called
Bandera Roja (Red Flag) that wanted to precipitate a crisis in
which more radical positions would then be taken by Chavez´s

Chavez has opened a door with the Federal Council and Civil Society
should answer that call for dialogue without prejudice. Let´s
hope political leaders in the anti-Chavez side will show some
common sense. But the inquiry on the Thursday 11th´s killing
must not stop. Today, the Government announced the suspension
of three investigators working for the government since Saturday,
why?. Police evidence might disappear and a new scandal would
then bury the proceedings.

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