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<nettime> jennifer's dream of goodness

jennifer's dream of goodness

lacewings curled around each other in the doomed thicket.
they came to me and said, there is no competition; cut the cables.
the unseemly monotony of engines formed a distant phalanx.
already live-born young were the order of the day.
eggstrands transformed into protective grills.
poison occupied the tips of incessant life.
the contribution of the viruses was immense and not to be underestimated.
a second-order phalanx formed inside the mutated grills.
microscopic domains organized against the violence of the macro-world.
lacewing circulations, viral turbulence, across the sawgrass surface.
their stems bending slightly, sawgrass forests acquiesced to the power
of the thicket.
shudders went through skins of the mammalian order.
their live-born young died quickly of unknown contusions.
the phalanxes stilled among incessant life.
lacewings curled around each other in the order of the day.


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