Ricardo Bello on Thu, 18 Apr 2002 19:31:16 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Venezuela stories: who is writing on why

I have been asked to tell a little about myself and why do I
dare or have the will to express my opinions on the Venezuelan´s
conflict. I will do so briefly:

- BA, MA and PhD in Literature (Universidad Central de Venezuela
and Universidad Simón Bolívar.
- Professor in graduate programs (Art and Social Studies) in
several Venezuelan universities.
- Author of several books (novels and essays) and articles on
national newspapers.
- Editor of an electronic news letter on Latin American Art (www.i-perna.com).
If you are interested, once in the site, go to Arte Pensamiento
and then to "Contactos Mentales (Publicación electrónica)".
- President of a company that grows and sell citrus (www.haciendamontero.com).

The identity of the four female journalist I mentioned in a previous
posting, are all very well known in Venezuela: 
- Patricia Poleo (Associated Editor of El Nuevo País). 
- Ibeyise Pacheco (Editor of Asi es la noticia and columnist
in El Nacional). 
- Marianela Salazar (radio journalist in several stations: 95.5
FM and others).
- Marta Colomina (a very well known TV and radio journalist in
Televen and Union Radio, 99.9 FM).

One more brief mention to US scholar Wilpert. If he is working
in the area of Development Studies at the Universidad Central
de Venzuela, then is studying at Cendes (Centro de Estudios para
el Desarrollo), a sort of marxist think tank, very close to Chavez´s
government. Giordani, the Member of Chavez´s Cabinet in charge
of economic affairs, was Director of Cendes. With this link in
mind you will understand Wilpert´s perspective.

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