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<nettime> Venezuela digest [Brozefsky, yacub, kozaitis]

   ["Domhnall" <>] First Hand Account of Truth 
   from Venezuala
     Craig Brozefsky <>                                            

   Re: <nettime> Venezuela: STRATFOR Evaluation                                    
     ernie yacub <>                                          Venezuela -- BREAKING NEWS                                                                                     


Date: 17 Apr 2002 09:20:35 -0500
From: Craig Brozefsky <>
Subject: ["Domhnall" <>] First Hand Account of Truth from Venezuala

From: "Domhnall" <>
To: "Marxism" <>
Subject: First Hand Account of Truth from Venezuala
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:55:04 +0100
Message-ID: <>

A Chairde,

I am sorry but this will have to be short - I am tied up just now. An Irish
film maker was making a documentary about Hugo Chavez during the day of the
coup and filmed absolutely everything. Her name is Kim Bartley and the whole
thing will be made for screening by the end of Summer as she remains in
Venezuala for another month. The first-hand account of events she gave is as

She was with Chavez and doing interviews with all the main generals
(including those who later revolted). The film crew was at the original
Pro-Chavez marchers who met the large anti-Chavez crowd on Friday. She says
that the snipers on the roofs WERE DEFINITELY FIRING INTO THE PRO-CHAVEZ
CROWD - she had conducted interviews with two pro-Chavez people and then
filmed them being killed in the gunfire on the steps of the palace. She says
that the pro-Chavez crowd had guns and then started to fire back at the
snipers in self-defence. She estimates that at least five of the dead were
pro-Chavez people - she only limits it to this as she only saw five dead
people. Following the street clashes, she retreated to the palace with
Chavez and his supporters doing interviews in the hours of military siege
and had to escape just after he was arrested. His supporters indicated that
he never resigned and several were in tears as he was lead away. The crew
were advised to lay low for some time as their lives were in danger - the
film that they had taken was in direct contradiction to the 'official' story
being touted widely. Pro-Chavez people were concerned for her safety and
that the 'truth' come out.

She was catching a flight to Cuba arranged by the Chavez people when the
word came through about the massive rioting in the poor areas. She started
filming this and the taking of the palace.

She says that Chavez was held in five different locations, the second last
of which was in a submarine base on the coast. Someone was sent to
assassinate him there but friendly troops found out and moved him to the
island. The fax which was sent which clarified that he had not resigned was
sent from the submarine base. Paratroopers subsequently rescued him from the

Clearly, this is a truth which needs to be spread. It almost demonstrates
organisation by something like the CIA to an absolute degree of certainty.
She understands the importance of getting the truth out as quickly as
possible but wants to capture the events stemming from the failure of the
coup. The film will be shown on RTE (Irish national television) as they
funded her trip - I'm not sure about elsewhere. Perhaps someone else out
there might be able to arrange something in the US? If you want I can
try/attempt to get a contact number for her.


- -- 
Craig Brozefsky                           <>
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Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:09:09 -0700
From: ernie yacub <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Venezuela: STRATFOR Evaluation

An interesting analysis of the Stratfor spin......

Stratfor on the USA's Failed Venezuela Coup
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:33:12 -0500 (CDT)

 Stratfor on the USA's Failed Venezuela Coup

Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn't Fit

[Stratfor has been gunning for Chavez for many months, pulling out
the "he's a madman" slur in its early anti-Chavez articles, an
old propaganda tactic used against numerous leaders the United States
wished to dispose of, most successfully Iran's Mohammed Mossadegh in
1953. Now, of course, along with the rest of the imperialist
disinformation industry, they need to save face. The NY Times says
that US officials "met with" the coup plotters; here, Stratfor talks
about "rumored" US involvement. -- NY Transfer]

According to Stratfor, a lot of sources are saying that the
restoration is going to be some of the worst news the US has had in
some time.

Chavez' return to power means he'll be able to investigate carefully
who knew on April 10 about the "momentous events" - and pursue the
leads that point to State, Central Intelligence and [FBI spy] Robert
Hanssen's pals at Opus Dei.

Given how pro-coup and anti-Chavez Stratfor's analysis has been in
the months preceding the coup, the fact that they're running this
story as a strong possibility rather than dismissing it as crazy
conspiracy talk makes it sound like the blowback on this failed op is
going to be coming thick and fast.  We all need to be on our guard
for the spinmeisters here.  (And indeed, I'm surprised that
Stratfor's running this story at all, except that they'd already run
the leaks from Russia so for them to pretend this isn't developing
would make them look very, very foolish.) -- Peter Bell

The first article on what is currently (4/15/02) the second Venezuela
page has as its teaser/lead paragraph:

U.S. Taking Low-Key Stance on Venezuelan Instability - Apr 12

On April 10 there were clear indications outside both Venezuela and
the United States that a momentous event would occur in Caracas.
STRATFOR was alerted late April 10 by a source in Russia that
developments in Venezuela "over the next 24 hours" might speed the
collapse of President Hugo Chavez's government.


Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 21:52:41 -0400
Subject: Venezuela -- BREAKING NEWS

for what it's worth....

CIA regroups covert forces in renewed bid
to plan assassination of Venezuela's
legitimate President Hugo Chavez Frias :

Wednesday, April 17, 2002  -- According to next weekend's issue of The 
International Investor investment newsletter (edited and published by Bob 
Chapman) the overthrow Venezuelaıs democratically-elected President Hugo 
Chavez came from the military assisted by businessman Pedro Carmona, who 
was prepared to set up a dictatorship.
"Mr. Chavez was out of power for just 48 hours, leaving him more entrenched 
in power than ever. The CIA and elitists blew it this time. We now believe 
theyıll attempt to assassinate him. The public and military have formed 
solidly behind the president. He has rendered the bankers, despots and 
those elitists who have looted the country for centuries almost powerless."
Forecaster: If you remember when Mr. Chavez raised taxes on oil companies 
we predicted a coup and perhaps murder. This time the attempted coup came 
first. Magnanimously Mr. Chavez has said he has "no thirst for revenge." He 
also wants to mend the rift with top executives and supervisors at PDVSA, 
the state run oil company.
It's expected there will be no change in the new hydrocarbon law that 
raised royalty rates to 30% from 16.7% and requires that PDVSA hold a 
majority interest in all joint ventures with all foreign companies.
The coup d'etat was another corporatist attempt to seat another dictatorial 
government formulated by world elitists and the CIA.
Of great interest was that the IMF quickly announced that they would 
support this new illegitimate dictatorship.
Cryptically that means we'll financially support this unholy alliance.
If you notice there was no early comment by Washington or London. They are 
probably speechless having failed again.
Eventually when the coup seemed complete the Bush administration rushed to 
recognize the criminals despite their illegal and unconstitutional creation.
Part of this ensemble was army sharpshooters and the auxiliary police under 
the Mayor of Caracas, which fired on the National Guard and pro-Chavez 
demonstrators, as the National Guard was separating the pro and anti Chavez 
The violence was aimed at a full-scale civil war if that was what was 
necessary to retain power.
We continue to hear that President Hugo Chavez is a Socialist and/or 
Marxist. We call him a populist. Whatever he is he is helping his people 
after centuries of poverty and bondage.
Mr. Chavez is retarding globalizing in Venezuela and that is why the 
elitists will do everything and anything to stop him. Needless to say 
entrenched business interests want him out of office. Much to their chagrin 
economic decline has been arrested and the country is growing again instead 
of being looted.
Growth was probably 2.8% last year.
Not bad after having been handed an economic can of worms.
Inflation has declined in spite of a recent devaluation and poverty is 
beginning to decline. He has revised his country's economic slide and 
fought attempts to privatize the successful PDVSA, the national oil 
company. He has also helped make OPEC successful again.
They call his presidency the last revolution of the 20th century. He is 
supplying oil to small Central American countries and Cuba at cheaper oil 
If you noticed the first thing the coup members did was to announce that 
Cuba would receive no more oil. As if this had anything to do with 
President Chavez has broken the elitists strangle hold on his country and 
perhaps for all of South America.
If you want proof of that read what the Wall Street Journal,
Barons, New York Times, Washington Post, the Economist and the Financial 
Times has to say about him ... he is Lucifer personified in their eyes.
If these world corporatists want to stop Hugo Chavez they'll have to kill 
him ... and we promise you theyıll attempt to do so.

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