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<nettime> >Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center< and >ISM Update<

   [PMC] URGENT - Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center                
     Gita Hashemi <>                                                    

   [palsolidarity] ISM Update                                                      
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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:21:34 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: [PMC] URGENT - Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center

>  From: 	Rex Brynen
>  Sent: 	Saturday, April 13, 2002 2:36 PM
>  Subject: [PMC] URGENT - Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural
>  Center
>  Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center
>  13 April 2002
>  Palestine Media Center - PMC
>  During the morning hours, Israeli occupation forces raided one of
>  Palestine'
>  s most important cultural center, the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
>  (KSCC). After detonating explosives to storm through the the Center,
>  Israeli
>  occupation forces are now searching the building and ransacking its
>  valuable
>  archives, documents, and art collection. At least six large explosions
>  have
>  been heard from the Center's direction.
>  Also in the building is an office for the renowned Palestinian poet,
>  Mahmoud
>  Darwish, who uses the KSCC room as his personal office.
>  Among the Center's declared goal are; "Enriching local cultural life:
>  Through the nurturing of new talents, and the development of artists'
>  creative skills". Raiding such a center raises many questions as to the
>  Israeli army's mission, which is declared as an operation "to root out
>  terror".
>  Situated in the heart of Ramallah, the KSCC was renowned for its important
>  work in the visual arts, literature, and other cultural events. The
>  Center's
>  own building is one of historical importance, having been built in 1927 as
>  a
>  family home for Khalil Salem Salah, who became Ramallah's Mayor in 1947.
>  The
>  Center housed some of Palestine's most important artifacts and historical
>  documents.
>  In the past few days, Israeli occupation forces have raided, destroyed and
>  looted a number of official and private Palestinian buildings. Most
>  notably,
>  Israeli occupation forces raided and looted the Ministry of Culture, which
>  had an invaluable library and art gallery, with artifacts of great
>  historical importance. The invading forces had also demolished the second
>  floor in the Ramallah Municipality building, which housed the archives for
>  property registers and other documents of vital importance.
>  For more information on the Center and its historical importance, please
>  visit:
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We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army.  Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:22:44 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: [palsolidarity] ISM Update

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From: Huwaida Arraf
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 1:22 AM
Subject: [palsolidarity] ISM Update

April 15, 2002

International Solidarity Movement Update

International Solidarity Movement Enters Jenin Refugee Camp

Tonight, 5 members of the International Solidarity Movement are sleeping
at a school in Jenin with 800 refugees from the Jenin Refugee Camp.
Earlier in the day,  nine internationals from the United States, Sweden
and Italy entered the refugee camp and started to deliver food to the
remaining residents of the camp - women, children and elderly men.
After 10 minutes of walking one team came across an injured elderly
woman trapped in the rubble of her half-demolished home.  She had been
stuck there for days.  The internationals helped her escape and carried
the woman out and towards the city and the hospital.  Soldiers attempted
to prevent the removal of the woman, threw dishes and glasses from one
house out the window and at the group, and also tried to prevent a
stretcher from being brought in to carry the woman, but internationals
managed to walk past the soldiers and get the woman to safety.

While at the hospital, 7 bodies were brought in to the morgue, each body
charred beyond recognition.  One team of internationals reported seeing
bodies lying amid the ruins of destroyed homes, noting the smell of the
rotting and decomposing flesh, creating a major health risk for those
still living in the camp.  One international counted 14 bodies she saw
in her movement around one area of the camp.

Internationals walked through areas of the camp that had been “massively
bulldozed” - homes destroyed with a wide swath of road cut through
homes.  Dozens of homes lie flat in ruin, while many others are
partially destroyed, leaving the remainder of the homes exposed to the
elements.  Many people inside the camp remain without food and water, as
aid agencies are still prohibited from entering the camp.

In Jenin city tonight, internationals report that two tanks are moving
up and down one of the main streets, firing tank shells in opposite
directions indiscriminately into the city.  Additionally, heavy machine
gun fire is reported coming from the gun turrets on the tanks.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff - 056-529-966

Audrey - 056-691-487

Internationals in Nablus

Internationals have maintained and increased their presence in Nablus.
They continue to ride on ambulances to provide a safety net for the
ambulances to operate and to help with the delivery of food and

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 16) 30 internationals will march from Nablus to
Balata Refugee Camp, along with Palestinian volunteer medics to bring
food and medicine to the camp and to try to remove the wounded who need
hospital care.

For more information, please contact:

Jordan - 056-622-017 or 067-341-268 or 067-345-972

For more information on the activities of the International Solidarity
Movement, please contact:

Huwaida - 052-481-261 or 055-975-374
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We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army.  Our silence implicates us in the genocide.


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