Ricardo Bello on Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:50:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Fw: More Wilpert on Venezuela

Wilpert essay has a flaw, it fails to mention that April 11th march was
one of the activities of an allready three days sucessful general national
strike against Chavez and the reasons why such an strike was so sucessful
and the issues involving such a protest. I agree with him, the new regime
was more authocratic and came from the extreme right (Opus Dei members
among the new ministers and so forth) and Chavez has definetely more
legitimacy than Carmona, but I would like, in all due respect to hear his
evaluation of the strike. 


Another fact on the so-called coup (my analysis, of course):

One might say that the antecedents of the so called coup or CIAīs failed 
operation against Chavez had its origins on the work of four female 
journalist. They work for different media and posses a certain collective 
identity that received the nickname of "Cuamias", a very poisonous snake in 
Venezuela, also a popular metaphor for an angry wife, an angry woman, all 
from the point of view of man in a very machista society. "Las Cuaimas" 
preferred line of work was to gather proof ot the growing corruption of the 
Armed Forces under Chavez. They had very good sources inside the military 
administration (Chavezīs enemies) and presented their documents in the 
Supreme Court (to no avail, itīs totally controlled in a non-democratic way 
by the President), even the photocopies of checks for millions to the name 
of lovers and friends. The joke was the President will survive a coup or a 
war but not four Cuaimas working together against him. Two of them, the 
more aggressives, are now (April 15th) into hiding and Chavez is had today 
his first international press conference telling the stories of his capture 
and rescue by loyal forces, all very handsomely pictured while violent 
riots are took place 150 miles east of Caracas. Yes, Chavez has a great 
charisma among Venezuelanīs poor, but his is the most corrupt and 
inefficient administration of the last fifty years. It is probably the main 
cause of the civil unrest and disobedience that shook the country last week. 

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