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<nettime> Palestina [2x]

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   Re: <nettime> palestiniana opera]                                                                                                            

    An online protest again Israeli military action in the West Bank               
     "ricardo dominguez" <>                                            


Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 22:47:50 EDT
Subject: Re: <nettime> palestiniana opera]

In a message dated 4/14/02 10:10:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
> Israeli army. Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 

Are you spreading lies or do you have proof of this so-called genocide?  
Why don't you ask Arafat why he forced Israel's hand, while they tried and
tried to get a peace agreement?  Why not ask Arafat why he keeps hundreds
of millions of dollars for himself while his people are so poor?  Why not
ask Arafat why he is working with Saddam to keep the world's attention
diverted while he prepares for war?  Yes, Israel is occupying land they
won in a war they didn't start.  They'd like to give it back, but there
are no takers.  The Palestinian people are being tricked, not by Israel,
but by their pathetic excuse for a leader, Arafat.  Your hatred is no
excuse for ignorance.



Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 07:14:21 -0400
From: "ricardo dominguez" <>
Subject:  An online protest again Israeli military action in the West Bank

the electrohippie collective -

O N L I N E    P R O T E S T   A C T I O N    N O T I F I C A T I O N

        15th April 2002  -- 00.00GMT


 An online protest again Israeli military action in the West Bank

Target systems - 

Any information or messaging service used by the core of he Israeli
government that is attached to the Internet.

In response to requests for an action to respond to the recent Israeli
military incursions into the major settlements of the West Bank, the
electrohippie collective are mounting an online 'electronic civil
disobedience action' against the information systems of the Israeli
government. This action begins at 00.00GMT 15-4-02, and as yet has no end

The action is specifically aimed at the role of Ariel Sharon in the
current conflict. Not only in his current role as Israeli Prime Minister.
But also for his role in provoking violence as a means of weakening the
previous Israeli government, and earlier still his alleged implication in
war crimes as part of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacres in
1982. It does not seek to apportion blame for the current problems in the
area, but highlights the need to remove the Israeli military from the West
Bank as an essential precursor to any progress on peace talks.

There are three elements to the action:

# Participants will be able to use online tools to jam the electronic
Internet services of the Israeli government in a symbolic "occupation" of
the Israeli government's cyberspace;

# There is an extensive directory of email contacts within the Israeli
government and diplomatic service to allow the public to send comments on
the recent Israeli action to the Israeli state; and

# There are links to local/independent news services to enable the public
to access first hand accounts of the Israeli Defence Force's devastation
of town in the West Bank.

For the first time, as well as web-based action tools, this action
includes tools specifically developed for use with the GNU/Linux operating

This provides a higher level of flexibility for the development of simple,
computer amateur-friendly software tools for use as part of computer-based
actions by civil society. In addition to the other activities of the
electrohippies, we hope that this action will help promote the role of
Linux in meeting the computing needs of civil society groups.

Unlike the more well know 'computer hacker' actions against Internet
sites, the tools developed by the electrohippie collective have
'democratic accountability' built into them. Unless significant numbers of
people take part in the online actions - many thousands simultaneously
across the world - then there will be no effect on the Israeli's
information systems. However, if significant numbers do take part then the
target systems will collapse under the weight of traffic.

In most countries, this action is not unlawful. This is because it does
not involve 'computer abuse'. Instead thousands of people across many
countries use the computer systems precisely as they are intended to be
used - but co-ordinated in a way that causes significant disruption or
closure of the services.

To ensure that there is no collateral disruption, the electrohippies have
carried out research into the organisation if the Israeli government's
Internet services. The systems that our action will target are restricted
to the specific network subnets wholly controlled and used by the Israeli
government. Currently the action only targets a small number of web

But as the action evolves, and the numbers of participants grow, the
distribution of the action will hopefully grow to also include email and
domain name services for all the key Israeli government departments.

For more information on the action see:

# The main action page -

# The action justification -

# the electrohippie collective web site

# 'About the electrohippie collective' -

# 'Past actions' -

# electrohippies occasional paper 1 - "Distributed Denial of Service" -

# electrohippies occasional paper 2 - "I've Seen the Future and There's a 
Penguin On It" -


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