Ricardo Bello on Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:15:44 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Caracas, the prize of violence

	Chavez is back into Palace once more, by the force of the same military 
top brass that outs him two days ago. All TV stations are running cartoon´s 
and Disney´s films as if nothing happenned. A national strike that 
paralized the country didn´t ocurred. Populism has its benefits in a poor 
country, where 6 out of 10 person in the workforce belongs to the informal 
sector. The corrupt generals that sacked the country´s budget will go on 
umpunished and all investors will flee, of course, the country. It is very 
sad to see a nation devastated by fear and violence. Yesterday, Chavez 
followers ransacked and destroy business and shopping malls demanding his 
return. According to one newspaper, there are 9 dead and 48 wounded just in 
Caracas, and rumors of many more. But the day after Chavez detention, that 
is two days ago, police force and the military apparently killed many of 
his followers, creating the impression of a rightist coup that wouln´t 
accept any opposition. The same intolerance, the same incapacity for 
dialogue that has characterized Chavez administration. No wonder it didn´t 
	Venezuela is divided. If Chavez doesn´t acknowledge that half of the 
country demands sound economic policies and rejects marxism and populism, 
he will face again serious political problems. And if that same half of the 
country doesn´t face the reality of an angry, resented and poor nation that 
blames them, fairly or not, for their condition, we will have sporadic and 
localized civil unrest, deadly violence and greater poverty.
	Today, the country is quiet, too quiet, it´s kind of eery. I have to 
travel 150 miles today and I´m afraid to do so, an stray bullet might want 
to make your acquaintance.

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