Ricardo Bello on Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:50:47 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Chavez is out

	Chavez is out, he was surrounded by the army and will now stand trial for 
his corrupt and criminal behavior. Receiving hundred of thousands of 
peaceful people with snipers and guns finally made everyone see him as he 
really was.
	Several Cuban planes left the International Airport at the first hours of 
the morning. The most violent leaders of chavismo have not yet been 
captured, but the head of the transitional junta, a respected business man, 
has told the press that he will rule according to the law: no executions 
nor vengeance,. New elections will be held, presumably, next December.
	We have recover our country! It was the first time in many decades that we 
saw thousand of young men choosing exile, we almost began to see ourselves 
like a new generation of Cubans, living in Miami, Ąthanks God no!, not for 
Miami or Cubans I mean, but the lives of the exiles.
	Shops and stores are open again, the national strike is over. The 
Financial Times report


is not entirely correct. The march was larger than half a million, the 
biggest peaceful march on our history. My three sister were there (the most 
apolitical of all), everyone try to go, spontaneously. And it seems there 
are between thirty or forty dead and hundreds of wounded, it was a massacre 
and the snipers were trained, as everyone knew, in Cuba. This was a radical 
government, attack on private enterprise was a main policy and control of 
the press one of his obsessions. The main damage, however, was to install 
class struggle and hate as a mean to dissolve Venezuelan society. Maybe the 
parallel seem a little wild, but I was reading last week John F. Avedon´s 
book In Exile from the Land of Snows, and what the Chinese did to destroy 
Tibetan society and values were the same. The use of hate as destroyer. The 
Cold War, Chavez thought, was still running.

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