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Re: <nettime> Bourgeoisophobia

> [This should be good for a laugh around here... ;-) --RAH]

not sure of that, it's rather sad.  what it is question it's meanly europe
and arabe must live together as closer than usan must live with mexican &
south america, that's all..it's as this guy tried to remind to europe how
one could drive a powerfull but far away foreign policy..ha-ha..yes is
this way so funny?..for instance is it so easy to disentangle the
antisemit terrorist action that happen here dayly in some synagogue with
simply the fact that europe have to live with the arab & muslim which is
the 2nd european religion, plus its huge demographic potential etc..we
have to, as they have to, no choice, it's as simple than neighborhood have
to produce ties of friendship for their mutual quietness. would he mean
this american-israeli collusion in eyes sight could come of some 'hubble'
convergence point of view..you know..depend of which side you look in the
scope..down there..in a remote gallaxy..or ho yes, so far away..out of gun
reach, far away beyond my garden at least. the bla of this guy have the
objective to reduce to 0+0 an europe that was already a zero minus habens
in this conflict, during israel tetanise all europe foreign policy with
the so evident continuum that have to exist with the guiltness of europe
in the final solution and inconditional support due to israel, well with
this iron semantic synonymous that have to exist down the age now with
antisemitism and any critic of action of israel. btw about hubble, this
guy david brooks know a bit that this conflict is a kind of heisenberg's
ideological quantic box in which you could make to appear all you want as
timemachine cats & dogs for making the war i.e. for seeing always the
lacking thing for making a bit of peace. To leave the doubt on who are the
weaks & victims of the moments, it's in this that lay the modern power of
the modern powerfull. it's as such evidence of jugement could become
'irrational', as in a boulgakov's world..er yes cause at least what could
be funny, it's flaubert could disturb till, what a marvellous paying
posthume homage..ha btw, if gw bush would want to phone to gustave, as
staline did so famously to mikhael..er tell him it's impossible, he is
long dead

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