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Table of Contents:

   FWD: How to Join/Support the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)            
     Gita Hashemi <>                                                    

   SchNEWS on: STATE OF TERROR                                                     
     "roya.jakoby" <>                                               

   International Action: Solidarity Camp in Lebanon                                
     Gita Hashemi <>                                                    


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 11:11:16 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: FWD: How to Join/Support the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

>Announcement for all
>Dear everybody,
>Due to the current situation of the led by the war-criminal Sharon and
>his government against the Palestinian people, many peace activists in
>many countries have expressed their willingness to join the
>International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and the Grass-roots
>International Protection for the Palestinian People (GIPP) in Palestine
>in the coming weeks. Moreover, many of our activists who are in this
>moment joining the campaign are under house arrest because of the curfew
>in the Palestinian Refugees' Camps, we have decided that Jerusalem will
>be the location and the starting point of all the actions.
>We will try to get the International activists from Jerusalem into one
>of the Palestinian cities in order to help with the activism there. The
>Guest house of the YWCA will be the location where all will be based.
>The cost is $15 per person per night on bed and breakfast basis. As for
>other kind of costs, it will be hard to estimate.
>Guest House info:
>Young Women Christian Association - Jerusalem (YWCA )
>Abla Naser
>Ibn Jubeir St., East Jerusalem
>Tel: 02- 628 2593
>Fax: 02- 628 4654
>When you arrive to Jerusalem, you need to contact the ISM and GIPP
>organizers for orientation at the following numbers:
>George S. Rishmawi
>George N. Rishmawi
>George Qassis
>Ghassan Andoni
>Rapprochement Centre
>Hanna Rishmawi (GIPP)
>Sabeel Centre (Cathy)
>Bahiyya (GIPP)
>One of the above mentioned contacts should answer you and give you
>advice and information.
>Important Notice:
>Please note that the numbers that starts with (0)55 or (0)52 are mobile
>phones and sometimes there is no good service in certain areas. So
>please try another number in case of failure with one of them. If the
>disconnection persists, please try again until you get in touch with one
>of us or the Guest House.
>Please contact us at the following addresses
> and please make sure that you make a CC to
> and include the following
>heading in the subject line "Register April".
>We will arrange the accommodation for you in the hotel and if anybody
>needs transportation, we are happy to help as well.
>Tasks Needed in Palestine:
>1- Provide Protection for civilians by staying with Families in
>Refugees camps, villages and towns.
>2- Accompany Ambulances
>3- Send food and aids to families if needed
>4- Join Nonviolent Protests if organized
>5- Help documenting the facts, either through cameras or video or
>writing diaries to be published through e-mail and internet.
>Please include the following information in your e-mail
>1- Full Name
>2- Flight details
>3- Age
>4- Home Address and telephone number
>5- Mobile Phone (If available)
>6- Passport Number and Nationality and Country of Residence (if
>7- Task you are willing to do in the campaign
>Things that can be useful to bring with you:
>1- Camera or Video Camera (Digital will be the best)
>2- Laptops
>3- Warm Sweater (for night time mainly)
>4- Advil or Tylenol or Motrin
>5- Bandana or a Veil and Perfume (To resist tear Gas)
>This is the time where we need everybody here. If you know about medic
>teams who are available to come, please let us know cause there is a
>great need for Internationals to act as medic teams in Palestinian
>Looking forward for having you in Palestine.
>George S. Rishmawi
>ISM registration coordinator
>Beit Sahour, P.O.Box 48
>Mobile: 052 50 20 79
- -- 

We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army. Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 


Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 13:00:49 -0400
From: "roya.jakoby" <>

Thought I forward you this latest newsletter from Jo Makepeace in
Brighton. His SchNews newsletter is already 3 days old, yet more than
just up-to-date. The last paragraph mentions some sickening facts that
shouldn't surprise anybody, really...

laters, roya.

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This week's SchNEWS:



Friday 5th 2002 | Issue 349

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"History is repeating itself...This is fascism, how they [the Israeli
soldiers] are dealing with people, detaining them in big schools and
interrogating each one, writing numbers on them. People are terrified. The
Israeli soldiers are shooting everything. Life here has totally stopped;
it's dead. This is terrorism against civilians. It is organised terrorism
by the state...this is an organised war against a whole people who have no
weapons to resist tanks, and helicopters and F16s." - Ashraf, a
Palestinian imprisoned in his home in Ramallah.

It's Monday in Beit Jala, a small town near Bethlehem and 150 people from
the International Solidarity Movement and dozens of Palestinians are
marching peacefully in the deserted streets. They are attempting to visit
families besieged in their homes, before Israeli tanks block their path.
Two of the marchers start to move towards the tanks with their hands up in
order to negotiate, but soldiers open fire at both the crowd and the
reporters that are there. Eight people are injured, one seriously.

Other activists are holed up with Yasser Arafat in his headquarters. Mario
Lill from Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement (MST) is one of those who
are acting as a human shield and has become a sort of war correspondent
broadcasting live to Brazil. Others such as anti-globalisation French
farmer Jose Bove were arrested in the compound by Israeli troops.

Wednesday and two thousand people including internationals, Israeli and
Arab civilians gather at a checkpoint near Ramallah trying to get
humanitarian aid delivered to the besieged town. Soldiers fire tear gas
and baton charge people. One of the protestors was Yehudith Harel "Two
Israeli faces surfaced today. One is the decent and humane face of the
Israeli Anti-war movement - an alliance of Israeli citizens - Jews and
Arabs, adamant to struggle together for Justice for the two peoples. The
second is the ugly and brutal face of the Occupation mentality and
practices threatening to crush us."


People from around the world have been volunteering in the occupied
territories of the West Bank for over a year, taking non-violent direct
action like clearing roadblocks and acting as willing human shields to
protect the Palestinian people. Invited by Palestinian activists, these
international supporters live and work in solidarity with them - a similar
call out to the one made by the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. People from
abroad can often get away with a lot more when protesting, partly because
they have the eyes of the international press on them - until Monday that
was, when live ammunition was fired at the international observers for the
first time.

As for the Palestinians, even the doctors, nurses and paramedics are being
used by the Israeli army as human shields or forced to strip and sit on
their knees at gunpoint in the streets. Israeli forces have stopped
ambulances delivering aid or picking up the wounded and are detaining the
Palestinian Red Crescent society and aid workers. 120 Palestinian
paramedics have been killed in the last 18 months.

As Israeli tanks roll in to Palestinian settlements, they destroy
telephone lines and cut electricity and water supplies. All men between
the ages of 16 and 50 are rounded up. Some homes are destroyed, others
have their windows blown out and walls dynamited as soldiers move from
home to home. Soldiers occupy other homes forcing the residents to live
together in a single room, with little or no access to telephone lines,
news coverage or even food and water.

An entire civilian population is being openly terrorised after over 50
years of occupation by the Israeli State.

Michael Ben-Yair, former Israel attorney general said, "The Intifada is
the Palestinian people's war of national liberation. We enthusiastically
chose to become a colonist society, ignoring international treaties,
expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied
territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these
activities...we established an apartheid regime."

Lev Grinberg (Director of the Humphrey Institute for Social Research at
Ben Gurion University) sums up the situation: "Suicide bombs killing
innocent citizens must be unequivocally condemned; they are immoral acts,
and their perpetrators should be sent to jail. But they cannot be compared
to State terrorism carried out by the Israeli Government. The former are
individual acts of despair of a people that sees no future, vastly ignored
by an unfair and distorted international public opinion. The latter are
cold and "rational" decisions of a State and a military apparatus of
occupation, well equipped, financed and backed by the only superpower in
the world."

* Boycott Israeli goods protests happening around the country this
Saturday (6th) including: Waitrose, Western Road, Brighton 11am;
Sainsbury's, Queens St. Cardiff 10am; Marks and Spencers Oxford St,
Swansea Midday. To order boycott leaflets and stickers and find out events
happening in your area email: or call the
Palestine Solidarity Campaign 020 7700 6192

* Saturday 13th April National rally and demonstration for Palestine.
Assemble 2pm, Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. Tel 020 7272 2888.

* To find out about more about the International Solidarity Movement

* Bypass the corporate media

* Nearly 400 Israeli Defence Forces reservists are refusing to serve in
the occupied territories. Read their reasons why

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        While Palestinians are being shot dead by Israeli troops
        and Americans wage 'War on Terrorism' BAE Systems, the
        world biggest arms trading company, are laughing all the
        way to the bank as their share prices have increased by
        13.8%. Why not congratulate them at their AGM on May 3rd.
        To get involved, contact: Campaign Against Arms Trade
        0207 2810297
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Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 15:45:18 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: International Action: Solidarity Camp in Lebanon

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=46orwarded message:
- ---------

Hello !

We woud like to inform you about the events happening now in Lebanon, but ab=
all to invite you to participate to it as much as you can.

In reaction to the recent events in Palestine, a spontaneous movement starte=
in Beirut. Tents were built on Maryrs Square (Beirut downtown), where young
activists camp non-stop in protest to the Israeli repression in Palestine.
It is from this movement that =AB Tents of Resistance =BB started.

Who are we ? =AB Tents of Resistance =BB is a group of individuals who=
 decided to
launch an international action in protest to the Israeli repression. We are
creating a camp near the israeli border to, symbolically, do the siege of
Isreali State.

Our motivations are better explained in our declaration, which follows this
message. This declaration can be amended in the future according to the
contribution of everybody.
Everything we do is in movement, is changing, we do not want to create
something static.

We want to make of this event an international action that will gather all
these who support the palestinians in the events that they have to face toda=

The access to Palestine has become impossible to the peace activists. Let th=
join us here in Lebanon in the symbolic and non-violent siege of Israel. We
will make this camp a forum for all those who want to express their opinions=
their wills, and their ideas on the subject.

The camp will start on April 8th, 2002. You are welcome from that date.
However, we are concentrating our efforts on a week of action that will take
place from Saturday April 13th to Sunday April 21st. We call you, if you com=
to include this period in your stay.
The action has no planned ending. We will keep sieging as long as possible
before the situation changes positively.

The programm on the spot : it will be modified according to everybody's
contribution and to the ongoing events, that is why we leave it deliberately
You can however note already that everyday, and particularly during the week=
action, forums and film projections will be organised.
Discussions with war victims, a visit of palestinian refugees camps in Leban=
will take place.
=46urthermore, we are planning lectures, workshops and discussions on themes=
will get broader, but that are now based around the israelo-palestinian
conflict, conflicts in the Arab World and else, the problem of refugees, the
civil war in Lebanon, non-violent resolution of conflicts, American policy i=
Middle-East, globalisation.

Anyway, we hope that you, participants, will bring in these forums the theme=
that you think are importants. Everybody will have the possibity to run
workshops on the subjects they feel able to speak about.

We do hope you will be many to join us so that we express together our desir=
to see and end to the violations of the Palestinians'rights and to the
occupation of their living place.

We will be very happy to give you all informations you need. To ask, just se=
a mail to our address :

See you soon in Lebanon !

Co-ordinator to =AB international relations =BB of Tents of Resistance,
Namik Bovet-Wolteche.

join us for a non-violent siege of Israel, in solidarity with Palestinians

Members of the International Community:

In the past week, the Israeli state has launched an onslaught on the
people of Palestine. Under the claim of a "war against terrorism," the US ha=
given Israel the green light to systematically obliterate every wing of the
Palestinian political, social, and economic infrastructure.

Most Palestinian towns and villages are under a state of complete siege
and occupation as Palestinians sit entrapped in their homes under Israeli
random shelling and gunfire. Their food supplies are quickly diminishing and
almost all access to medical care is denied.

Israel claims that it is acting out its legitimate right to self-
defense. However we ask how the systematic destruction of civilian homes, th=
gunning down and execution of Palestinians, occupation and destruction of th=
cities and refugee camps, and the siege of their political leader, can be
viewed in any light as self-defense. If the Israeli intention is to protect
their citizens, the oppression and the onslaught of the Palestinian people w=
only invite more threats of suicide bombs as Palestinians use any means
necessary to realizing liberation.

We, the people of the Arab world, stand as witnesses to the systematic
destruction of Palestine and every aspect of Palestinian life.

We declare that we will stand for it no longer - with or without the
support of our governments.

A group of activists from Lebanon have initiated a campaign. We call
this campaign: Tents of Resistance. As we cannot enter Occupied Palestine, w=
will set up tents on our borders with Israel, where activists will camp out =
non-violent protest against the occupation of Palestine and the escalating
violence against the Palestinian people. We believe that these tents on the
borders of Israel will carry a symbolic message: a pacific siege on Israel b=
the people of conscious. Further, we use the tent as it is a symbolic
representation of 54 years of Palestinian exile and destitution as well as
their status as refugees inside their borders and internationally. The first
tent has already been set up on the streets of Beirut in the form of an on-
going sit-in since last week. Some of us will now take it to the border.

We call for activists in opposition to Israeli imperialism and
brutality to join us in protest. As Israel, the supposed democracy of the
Middle East, is not allowing peace activists into Occupied Palestine, we ext=
an invitation into Lebanon: Come and join us as we protest at the borders an=
demand a boycott on Israel economically and politically until they conform t=
the norms of international human rights. As the situation in Palestine worse=
by the day, our actions demand urgency. They are hence spontaneous and will =
shaped by your immediate response. We are working by the hour to establish a
program and welcome your suggestions with our utmost effort to collectively
realize them. We call on activists who cannot join us here in Lebanon to
replicate this action in their own countries by setting up tents in front of
the Israeli embassies and consulates of the nations.

We look to examples of resistance through boycott from the courageous strugg=
against apartheid in South Africa and the struggle against corporate
globalization - where an international siege is the most powerful tool of

Alone - we are powerless against the tanks and F-16's of the Israeli army.
Alone - we are powerless against the on-going US support of the systematic
destruction of Palestine and the ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people.

Together - in solidarity - united - in opposition: we can shake the world.

The boycott on Apartheid South Africa, Zapatista Revolution in Mexico, and t=
struggle against corporate globalization show that history can be shaped whe=
the people decide to reclaim the power.

Come numerous to bring your little piece of change in the world !

Contact us:
- -- 

We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army. Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 

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