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<nettime> IMC Newsblast: Palestians Under Siege

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Subject: IMC Newsblast: Palestians Under Siege

this is probably the most comprehensive compilation produced re: the
ongoing war in the middle east.  there are numerous members of the imc
collective who are locked down in the middle of the crisis.  this
represents the work of an all-volunteer, grassroots, global collective.  
please forward as appropriate.


 <<Independent Media Center - webcast news (3).url>>

IMC NEWS BLAST | Thursday, 4 April, 2002 |

Compiled by the Indymedia News Blast Team

IMC Palestine:
Breaking news - 4 April 2300 GMT:

The week-long siege continues with even more casualties and attacks on
civilians and journalists. Six Palestinian citizens of Israel were
severely beaten by Israeli police at a protest outside the US Embassy in
Israel. Nine injured internationals are missing after leaving in
ambulances from the West Bank to meet embassy officials. A group of
Italian politicians tried to enter Tel Aviv to put pressure on Israel to
let the internationals leave Bethlehem; Israel refused to negotiate and
kicked the delegation out of the country. Israel refused a high-level EU
delegation from any form of mediation with or without Arafat; but the US
envoy will get to meet Arafat on Friday. Israeli helicopters, tanks, and
troops fight with armed Palestinians in Nablus. Israel has taken over
1,000 prisoners. Food and water is running out for everyone under the
occupation. Corpses are rotting in the streets. A newborn baby died at the
Dheishe UN Medical Clinic today because IDF soldiers would not allow the
ambulance passage to the hospital. All reporters within the seige are
being intentionally targeted by IDF snipers.

IMC NEWS BLAST: a selection of important news summaries, stories, opinions
and media found on a variety of the Independent Media Center websites.

An online version of of this NEWS BLAST is posted here:

Translations will follow and will be posted as comments to the online



* Uncensored continuous coverage on Indymedia sites
* Contacts in Palestine

* Eyewitness accounts and other reports
* Israeli Refuseniks
* History and Political Analysis
* International activists in Palestine
* International journalists in Palestine under attack
* Palestinian protests in the occupied territories

* Photos
* Audio
* General

* International solidarity protests
* How can I protest?

6. THE LAUNCH OF IMC-PALESTINE -- innovative coverage of a civil war

* Critiques of corporate media coverage

* Middle-East Media
* Other Alternative Media
* Activist resources



Protests erupted when Ariel Sharon, Israel's most agressive military
leader, came to power in 2000, and then brought 1000 armed Israeli
soldiers to Jerusalem's holiest site. The Israeli military attacked
civilians and Palestinian suicide bombers retaliated. The siege against
the Palestinian people has been accelerating since the breakdown of the
Oslo peace accords two years ago. Over 300 Israeli army officers and
troops are refusing to participate in the occupation. Titular Palestinian
leader, Yasser Arafat, is under siege in his office; Egypt has suspended
most diplomatic relations with Israel, and other Arab countries might get
involved following massive Anti-Israel civilian protests.

Media coverage of the Palestinain-Israeli conflict is shockingly
problematic, political, and uneven--especially in the United States. But
hundreds of thousands of international readers are depending on Indymedia
as a primary source for breaking news -- articles, photographs, audio and
video -- from the occupied terroritories. Many of our journalists are
being held captive or are under siege, while many other people who have
access to the internet continue to publish to the IMC-Palestine site. This
newsblast contains essential reading to give those reports context and


~ Uncensored continuous coverage on Indymedia sites ~
Eyewitness accounts, photos, audio interviews and video:

Jerusalem, Palestine --
Tel Aviv, Israel --
Italy --
New York City --
Washinton, DC --
San Fransisco --
United Kingdom --

~ IMC Journalist Contacts in Palestine ~

(for international dialing drop the 0 before the phone number)
English - Heather 00 972 (0) 67 270 398
English - Georgina 00 972 (0) 55 840 767/ 00 972 (0) 674 5459
English - IMC Palestine 00 972 (0) 2 277 7558
Arabic/English - Bilal 00 972 (0) 52 814 992
Italian - Francesca 00 39 3389 77 3899


~ Eyewitness accounts and other reports ~

Life here has stopped
American Woman Shot Dead By Israeli Soldiers
A diary project on Electronic Intifada
900 of the 1100 arrested palestinians are held in a detention camp inside
the Ofra settlement near Nablus.
Sean Riordan of the Palestine IMC gives an interview to CNN (transcript)
Two Women's Reports from April 3 Demonstrations at A'Rahm and Calandia
News From Sussex Students in Palestine:
Adam Shapiro Ranks As a Mideast Hero and an example of a Jew with a
Invasion planned last summer:
Refugees in our own Land by Muna Hamzeh:

~ Israeli refuseniks ~

~ History and Political Analysis ~

An extensive article on the history of the Palestine - Israel conflict
Israel's new economy and the intifada:
Detailed maps (high resolution):
In-depth discussion on Israel / Palestine conflict by Noam Chomsky
Crisis in Palestine - by Stephen Shalom
Political articles by Tanya Reinhard (Hebrew & English)
Articles by Edward Said (on Counterpunch);
Links to articles by Israel Shahak

~ International activists in Palestine ~

Statement by Americans in the Palestinian Refugee Camp in Azza

~ International journalists in Palestine under attack ~

Indymedia Journalists Shot at in Deheishe

Detailed account of the shooting of the boston globe reporter and of a
palestinian journalist hit at the same time.
Journalists Under Fire in the Occupied Territories
Soldiers open fire on peace delegates - by Juan Gonzalez
Committee to Protect Journalists
Letter to committee to protect journalists by John Katz

~ Palestinian protests ~

Report on the Israeli-Palestine peace protest at Calandia (and the


~ Photos ~

Photo's from Palestine
Pictures from bombardments & buildings in Deheishe
Pictures from demonstrations, children & buildings in Deheishe
Pictures from a refugee camp
International Peace Activists & soldiers at Deheishe
Various Pictures of people in a refugee camp.
International Activists in Beit Jala
Nightly pictures of tanks in Deheishe
Israeli Army in Deheishe

~ Audio ~

Interviews with an IMC-Palestine member:
Interview with Sam Bahour, an American Palestinian
Rocking the Boat: Update from Bethlehem
Interview with Adam Shapiro
Personal Reports on Israeli Tanks Surrounding Bethlehem
Interview with Trevor Baumgarter of the International Solidarity Movement
Scott Harris' programm "Between the Lines)
U.S. Activists Take Beit Jala Girl To Hospital
Audio on IMC Palestine
Indymedia Israel Radio
Overview of audio files on Palestine

Special Palestine Radio Feature:

~ General ~

IMC Global Website with over 75 locals

IMC Radio (for special coverage and commentary on recent events):

IMC Print (weekly news summaries in distributable newsletter-flyer format)
with a Special Edition Palestine 30 March:

IMC TV (ongoing video coverage from various IMCs)


~ International solidarity actions ~

A regularly updated overview of solidarity actions worldwide including
reports, photo essays, video, and audio recordings:

Solidarity demonstration at the embassy in Canada

~ How can I protest? ~

Comprehensive list of things to do to protest the IDF Invasion:


The IMC-Palestine website, launched 28 March, 2002, brings Indymedia
innovation to the civil war. Using Indymedia's innovative "open-publishing"
newswire, journalists and activists on the scene have had the ability to
upload articles, images, audio, and video, directly and immediately to the
Indymedia newswires, without the filters and controls of most media. With
very little publicity, the IMC-Palestine site has had phenomenal traffic, a
testament to the poignancy of immediate, and authentic, grassroots

See site traffic statistics here:


Palestine Media Watch monitors Palestine-related news, exposing biases and
An introduction to the development of media bias on Palestine:
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting's Middle East page (Including
On the modus operandi of CNN: interview from CNN with Sean Riordan (of IMC
and afterwarths mis-identified as "an activist"
On censorship and an appeal on autocensorship in Israeli media
Israel launches 'image management' campaign
Parallax and Palestine
Cut Through the Lies in Palestine
by Justin Podur
Criticism on Belgian newspaper "De Morgen"'s coverage of the war in
Palestine (Dutch).
Institute for Public Accuracy:


~ Middle East Media ~

Palestinian media links:

Corporate media covering the Middle East:

Middle East in Focus with host Don Bustany (Wednesday at 2pm, KPFK Los
Angeles 90.7FM)--streamed over the internet at
Voice of Palestine (Tuesday at 8pm on Vancouver's Co-op Radio, CFRO
102.7FM)--not streamed (yet)

~ activist resources ~

~ other alternative media coverage and analysis ~ (collection of analysis and background links) (another
collection from Red Rock Eater News)


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The IMC is a decentralized network of independent media makers, organizers,
and activists working to increase democracy and social justice by reporting
events and producing information as acts of autonomy, resistance, and
liberation. This News Blast was compiled by a working group comprised of
individuals throughout the network.

The IMC was established to cover the WTO protests in Seattle in November,
1999. Hundreds of media activists have since set up nearly sevently
independent media centers around the world, including sites in Argentina,
Belgium, Brasil, Chiapas, Canada, France, Italy, Nigeria, Palestine, South
Africa, Sydney, U.S. and many more.

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