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Re: <nettime> More on Lysenko (for those who care)

Well, at least Plant comes by her crypto-Lamarckism honestly. In their
heyday, before the Net value of the cyberguru joined Enron stock in the
cultural shredder, Barlow, Kelly and their fellow-travelers were
name-checking Lamarck right and left (in between shout-outs to the Dead
and the Deity). Really, though, there's no need to belabor the
pseudo-Darwinian fallacies that undergird arguments for technologically
bootstrapped evolution. It's forehead-slappingly obvious, as any
first-year journalism student knows, that independent scholars can't
expect their scholarship to be taken as truly independent or objective
when that scholarship is funded by a corporation interested in fodder for
its marketing efforts, advertising campaigns, and product design. The
research that results may be interesting, but value-neutral it's not.

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