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<nettime> Joe Sims tells EU ICANN be restructed


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 Hi, everyone. I forward the following message on Andy's  behalf.

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 Subject:            Joe Sims organizing a clandestine Operation

 I just got a call from a source in the European
 Commission (Department for Information Society). Joe
 Sims was today in Brussel for some kind of a closed door
 meeting with Chrisopher Wilkinson and some other
 people of the European Commission (my source did not attend
 the meeting).

 Sims presented plans for a complete restructuring of the
 ICANN board, without the at large. If I understood correct
 with governmental representatives in the board and with
 complete different set of ASO, PSO and parts of the DNSO.

 I just reached Christopher Wilkinson on the phone who seemed
 astonished about my knowledge on _that_ Sims had been
 there. I asked for details of what Sims presented and only
 got the sentence from Wilkinson, that "he is not sure if
 Sims presented this as a position of the board or his own."

 To his understanding, this will be presented to the board
 at Saturday and he told me, that he would be more happy
 if I could get the details from the board.

 Short: he told me to piss off and not disturb the conspiracy.



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