Doug Henwood on Wed, 13 Feb 2002 02:43:35 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> All right, I admit it -- I went to Davos

wade tillett wrote:

>Surely the good folks at the wef, that bastion of
>democracy, wanted to hear my voice, but the police would have none of
>it and finally forced me to leave... without my free compaq mind

Pity the poor journalist trying to cover the WEF. A minority of selected
hacks - from the NYT, CNBC, etc. - were designated members of the
"participating press,"  while most of us were designated the "reporting
press." The participating press got into the Waldorf (aka the Walled-Off),
while the reporting press was exiled to a neighoring hotel, where we got
to read some press releases, view selected events on closed-circuit TV,
and hear the occasional press conferences. The press conferences were so
short that there was hardly any time for questions after the opening
statments were uttered. At least I got to see Bono &
For more, see next week's Nation magazine.

Among the more interesting registrants, according to the official list
(bizarrely marked "confidential"): Homi Bhabha, Manuel Castells, Naomi
Campbell, Danny Schechter, Warren & Annette, Ossie Davis, George Friedman
(Stratfor), Jenny Holzer.


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