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Table of Contents:

   AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artvism                                                   
     Alessandro Ludovico <>                                      

   p l a y g r o u n d - call for entries                                          
     garage <>                                                       

   COCO FUSCO'S VIDEO WORK AT ARCO IN MADRID                                                                                                  

   a challenge                                                                     
     Bill Spornitz <>                                                

   2001 Turing Award                                                               
     geert <>                                                         

   supervideo (G8) genua                                                           
     geert <>                                                         

   Herbert Marcuse Website launch                                                  
     "Herbert Marcuse Assoziation" <>         

   untitled wladimir + [ Cadavres Exqu!s ]results03 + Fake4silence #1 +map / 54    
     jimpunk <>                                                       

   Announcement: Nominations for the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2002                 
     Big Brother Awards Nederland <>                         

   ***PROJECT ENDURING LOOK: call for slides & short videos***                     
     Mary Patten <>                                                  

   [NICE] stolen (fwd)                                                     
     Jaanis Garancs <>                                                     

   Trigger Words #2 (a Carnivore Client)                                           
     RSG <>                                                           


Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:19:05 +0100
From: Alessandro Ludovico <>
Subject: AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artvism

From: "T_Bazz" <>

AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artvism
making art doing multimedia
Exhibition-Event on media Activism

On 8th February the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea of the
University of Rome "La Sapienza" inaugurates AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artvism
an exhibition organized by Tatiana Bazzichelli (
The main concepts of AHA, making art doing multimedia, are Activism =
political activism, Hacking = technological activism, Artivism = artistic
activism. AHA evidences a collective path, as result of a movement that from
the beginning of the Eighties struggles for an independent and self-managed
use of mass-media (video, computer, radio and written text) and today more
than ever, it is demonstrating to be one of the most valid alternatives to
the official information.

AHA is born as a thought consequent to the demostrations of July against the
G8 Summit of Genoa: territory not only of hard clashes, repression and
violence, as most of the mass-media have evidenced, but also an important
experience for whom constructs information from the base, with amatorial
cameras, movement websites, independent radio networks.

But AHA is also a thinking on artistic experimentation that uses the digital
technology in its more vital manifestations, necessarily incarnating the
attitude of he critical and self-managed use of mass-media. No more
art-works but processes, no more originality but reproducibility, no more
rappresentation of a unique genius but a collective action, example of a
creative skill that -inserted in a museum- opens the doors and walls.

The aim of AHA is to create a network inside the MLAC, integrating with
videos, with LANS with radios and with witten texts. A network composed of
independent groups and single activists who act in the mediatic,
technological and artistic field.

To name a few: Isole nella Rete, Indymedia Italia, Radio GAP, Strano
Network, Tactical Media Crew, Candida TV,,,
Autistici/Inventati, copyDOWN,, all the Italian hacker movement,
the artists and activists Giacomo Verde, Tommaso Tozzi, the GMM (Giovanotti
Mondani Meccanici), Massimo Contrasto, Federico Bucalossi, Claudio Parrini,
Ferry Byte, Arclele, Mariano Equizzi (in coproduction with Luca Liggio and
the INTERACT), the theatre company Neguvon and the well known mature
magazines Decoder and Neural.

Tatiana Bazzichelli, communication sociologist, multimedia designer and
organizer of events/workshops on digital art, has been engaged for a long
time in carrying ahead a concept of real practical art inside of the
collective and in collaboration with the group Strano Network.

The exhibition, that starts from 8th February until 1st March, is part of
the exposition series "Laboratorio" proposed within the Dottorato di Ricerca
in "Borderart" and within the experimental Stages/Masters of Cura Critica
and  Installation Museale, commissioned by the director of the Museum,
Simonetta Lux, and realized by the organiser of the MLAC Domenico Scudero.

Opening times: monday - friday 10-20
tel./ fax 06 4991 0365.

More about AHA on:

- -- 

Alessandro Ludovico
Neural Online - daily updated news + reviews
Suoni Futuri Digitali - 
ISBN 88-7303-614-7 


Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 18:11:27 +0100
From: garage <>
Subject: p l a y g r o u n d - call for entries

german version below. sorry for any cross-postings.
please feel free to forward.

Call for Entries -------------------------- 6th Festival "garage" 2002
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------- August 2002 in Stralsund/Germany
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------- playground

Play: is an activity (of animals and humans). It is done without
conscious purpose and out of enjoyment of the activity and of its
accomplishment. The play of humans can be understood as a, by various
factors determined behavior, which takes on a substantial role as
mediator between the individual and society, and which is
indispensable in every period of life.

garage 2002 is searching for artists' concepts and positions on the
discussion of the principles and mechanisms of games. Play with
conventions, techniques of play, game as a model for solving concrete
problems, game as a manipulation of perception, game as critical
reflection, game as game. The public space as playground. Trespassing
borders and networked playing. Mobile playing and mobile thinking.
Who defines the rules?

Are you ready to play? >>

The fesitval will present 3 weeks of exhibitions, concerts,
discussions, film screenings, workshops, which can be summarized
under three main topics.

Wanted are works or proposals for projects:

>  off-line or the mechanics of games (toys. playing techniques. game
>as interaction.)
>  on-line or plug and play (computer games. digitial media. playing
>in networks.)
>  cross-line or the public space as playground (play as a strategy
>for action. play as experimentation. trespassing of borders.)

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
garage is platform for art and culture. It is situated in the midst
of the silo area in Stralsund's old port and understands itself as a
non-commercial, temporally limited space for the suppport of
inter-disciplinary and individual projects with a focus on art, film
and music.

Deadline will be April 30th, 2002.
Please, send your ideas, suggestions, material formless to:

garage c/o Stabenow
Husemannstr. 12
10435 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 441 20 15

Ausschreibung -------------------------------- 6. Festival garage 2002
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------- August 2002 in Stralsund/Germany
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------- playground

>spielfeld / playground

Spiel: Taetigkeit (von Tier und Mensch), die ohne bewussten Zweck,
aus Vergnuegen an der Taetigkeit als solcher bzw. an ihrem Gelingen
vollzogen wird. Das Spiel des Menschen wird als ein durch
unterschiedlichste Faktoren bestimmtes Verhalten verstanden, das im
Wechselverhältnis zwischen Individuum und Gesellschaft eine
wesentliche Vermittlerrolle einnimmt und in jeder Lebensperiode
unentbehrlich ist.

garage 2002 sucht nach Ansaetzen und Positionen zur kuenstlerischen
Auseinandersetzung mit den Prinzipien und Mechanismen des Spiels.
Spiel mit Konventionen, Spieltechniken, Spiel als Loesungsmodell
konkreter Problematiken, Spiel als Manipulation von Wahrnehmung,
Spiel als kritische Reflexion, Spiel als Spiel.
Grenzueberschreitungen und vernetztes Spielen. Mobiles Spielen und
mobiles Denken. Wer definiert die Spielregeln?

Are you ready to play? >>

Das Festival wird 3 Wochen lang Ausstellungen, Konzerte, Vortraege,
Filmscreenings, Workshops praesentieren, die unter drei
Hauptschwerpunkten zusammengefasst werden.

Gesucht sind Arbeiten und Projektvorschlaege zu:

>  off-line oder Die Mechanik des Spiels (Spielgeraete. Spieltechnik.
>Spiel als Interaktion.)
>  on-line oder plug and play (Computerspiele. Digitale Medien.
>Spielen in Netzwerken.)
>  cross-line oder Der oeffentliche Raum als Spielfeld (Spiel als
>Handlungsstrategie. Spiel als Experiment. Grenzueberschreitungen.)

- -------------------------------------------------------------------
garage ist Plattform fuer Kunst und Kultur.
Sie ist gelegen inmitten der Hafen- und Speicherstadt Stralsunds und
versteht sich als zeitlich begrenzter Raum für die Foerderung
interdisziplinaerer sowie einzelkuenstlerischer Projekte mit den
Schwerpunkten bildende Kunst, Musik und Film.

Einsendeschluss für Material und Vorschlaege ist der 30.4.02
Ideen, Vorschlaege und Material bitte formlos an:

garage c/o Stabenow
Husemannstr. 12
10435 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 441 20 15


Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 09:19:22 EST

Coco Fusco's video ELS SEGADORS (The Reapers), will be featured at the ARCO 
Art Fair Project Rooms in Madrid, from February 14 - 18. ARCO will be held at 
the Juan Carlos Exhibition Center, in the Campo de las Naciones Complex. For 
more information, please refer to:

Fusco is being represented at ARCO by The Project, New York

In her essay on Fusco's video, critic and poet Ana Nuño writes:

"History is the subject of a structure whose site is not homogeneous, empty 
time, but time filled by the presence of the now", noted down Walter Benjamin 
in "On the Concept of History", one the last essays this Jewish German 
philosopher wrote before committing suicide, panic-stricken at the thought 
that the Spanish Guardia Civil could hand him over to the German Nazi police 
officers. This happened 61 years ago in the little town of Port-Bou, the 
first or the last (depending on one's point of view) Catalan town along the 
coast border with France. When Coco Fusco came to Catalunya in June 1999... 
she understood that one of those burning historical issues which infuses and 
informs the present was, for Catalans, national identity. It was then that 
she first struck on the idea of doing video work on this particular subject, 
focusing on one of its emblems -Catalunya's national anthem. 

...Coco Fusco's work, faithful to what Benjamin thought of as the historian's 
task, fills one of Europe's most ancient ghosts -the nightmarish dream of a 
homogeneous, ideally eternal, unaltered cultural essence- with the 
invigorating "presence of the now". At a time when Europe must either accept 
the "other" cultures which live in its soil, or condemn itself to sing old 
vengeful patriotic anthems.


Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 08:00:21 -0600
From: Bill Spornitz <>
Subject: a challenge

I think this challenge may call for some art.code and a net.artist or two, no?


First Annual Google Programming Contest

In celebration of more than three years of delivering the best search 
experience on the Internet, Google is sponsoring the first annual 
Google Programming Contest.

Grand Prize

*	$10,000 in cash
*	VIP visit to Google Inc. in Mountain View, California
*	Potentially run your prize-winning code on Google's 
multi-billion document repository (circumstances permitting)

The Challenge

Google is providing a selection of about 900,000 web pages in 
pre-parsed and raw format, together with a "ripper" program that 
provides a framework for processing the pre-parsed data. Your mission 
is to write a program (most likely by adding code to the ripper) that 
does something interesting with the data, in such a way that it would 
scale to a web-sized collection of documents. Part of your job is to 
convince us of why your program is interesting and why it will scale; 
other than that, you're free to implement whatever strikes your 


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 07:04:45 +1100
From: geert <>
Subject: 2001 Turing Award

From: "Gary Chapman" <>

Dear friends,

I'm happy to pass on the news that the 2001 Turing Award, the highest 
award in computer science, has been awarded to Johan Dahl and Kristen 
Nygaard of Norway, for their invention of object-oriented 
programming, the most widely used programming paradigm in the world 

The formal citation of the award is on the Web at The Association 
for Computing Machinery will present the A.M. Turing Award, its most 
prestigious technical honor, at the annual ACM Awards Banquet on 
April 27, 2002, at the University of Toronto in Canada.

It has been my privilege and honor to serve on the selection 
committee for the Turing Award, in a group of five people, and I am 
particularly pleased by this year's award. Congratulations, Kristen!

Best to all,

- -- Gary

Gary Chapman
LBJ School of Public Affairs
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 07:38:21 +1100
From: geert <>
Subject: supervideo (G8) genua

On February 9 the video documentary Supervideo about Genua (G8) will be
released. The film is produced by Candidatv.
Supervideo is a 36min long video about what happened in Genova during the
days of the G8 and as we thought that history cannot be written by only one
pen.After a conctact with the Ghost of the Free Voice. SuperVideo, "mutant"
hero of free communication, looks for the truth collecting togheter the
voices of people met during the journey that will bring him to Genoa in the
days of the G8>>>>You'll have to help communication to set itself free!
Super Video collects informations, snatchs signals, records choruses....and
he has got an important missionl: to deliver a special tape to the "big of
the world" ...
>>>all the frequencies are under control...
>>>we are in danger!

If you would like to order the video throughout the web you can go to our
website and look under news at

Candidatv, prendila prima di uscire.

Candida nasce dall'incontro di una decina tra giovani autrici, registi,
tecniche, appassionati e appassionate ricercatrici dell potenzialità ancora
inespresse dei linguaggio audiovisivo. L'occasione si presenta nel 1999,
quando l'emittente locale Teleambiente (uhf 68) mette a nostra disposizione
uno spazio di un'ora a settimana. Era l'inizio di CandidaTV, un contenitore
di prima serata, in onda per 9 settimane, da dicembre '99 a febbraio '00. Il
programma si articolava in diverse rubriche su tematiche giovanili, dalla
musica all'animazione, dai problemi del carcere ai nuovi linguaggi
dell'informatica e della cultura. Ogni rubrica veniva lanciata da uno studio
"domestico", un'improbabile cucina dove tre presentatori (un ragazzo e due
ragazze) connettevano i vari temi con ritmi incalzanti. Presenze bizzarre
talvolta invadevano lo studio, chi per illustrare con orgoglio le forme di
vecchi elettrodomestici, chi per coadiuvare i presentatori nel lancio del
servizio successivo. Era la tv elettrodomestica, una televisione in cui i
codici e i temi trattati rispondevano a un preciso intento di ricongiungere
la spaccatura, talvolta troppo estraniante, tra pubblico e televisione
generalista. Insomma una televisione low fi, per una comunicazione di

Candida group, fatti di etere
In quell'occasione prese corpo un gruppo produttivo affiatato, che negli
anni ha dato vita a un giornalismo curioso e impertinente e che, d'altro
canto, non ha abbandonato la ricerca sulle simulazioni visuali, piccole
fiction e caricature su temi di attualità. Queste produzioni, fra
l'informazione, la simulazione e l'infotainment, hanno suscitato l'interesse
di alcuni importanti organi di comunicazione: quotidiani (Repubblica,
Messagero, Manifesto, Metro), televisioni (RAI1, RAI3, RAISAT), riviste
specializzate, (Filmaker), agenzie on-line (AGI). La realizzazione dello
spot ufficiale della ROBE di KAPPA per i campionati Europei di calcio Under
21 ha avuto notevoli consensi di critica, e ha partecipato, nella sezione
dedicata agli spot pubblicitari, all'edizione del 2001 del festival di

Candida live, il tuo filo intermentale
Ma Candida è anche un gruppo di videoinstallatori. Se la tv ha ucciso le
piazze, sarà forse il caso di tornare sul luogo del delitto? Nell'agosto del
1998 il Napoli Stritt Festival, ci invitava a esibirci nei vicoli dei
quartieri spagnoli. Per tre sere una piazza fu animata da un'installazione
video interattiva, con una regia volante che permetteva la gestione di un
palinsesto continuamente ridefinito dalla partecipazione del pubblico. Dopo
quell'esperienza Candida ha continuato a occuparsi con successo della
realizzazione di video-live set, video-installazioni e e della creazione di
eventi multimediali. Nel 2000, a Roma (quartieri Torre Maura e Torre
Spaccata) ha visto la luce Torre Maura TV in collaborazione con il
Laboratorio di Cultura Urbana Godzilla (Leg. 285). Un laboratorio di
videomaking di base dedicato ai giovani di quartiere.


Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 03:03:05 +0100
From: "Herbert Marcuse Assoziation" <>
Subject: Herbert Marcuse Website launch

 Herbert Marcuse Archive=20

 maintained by the Herbert Marcuse Association

 In the Information Age, the conditions for Critical Theories of Society =
have changed. With this Web Site we are trying to supply material on the =
topicality of Herbert Marcuse's critical thinking in this changing, but =
still capitalist world as well as digital versions of some works of =

 If you want to be added to our news list send us an e-mail with the =
subject subscribe=20

This news-list is sent out irregularly, you won't be bothered by long, =
daily mails.


Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:40:44 +0100
From: jimpunk <>
Subject: untitled wladimir + [ Cadavres Exqu!s ]results03 + Fake4silence #1 +map / 54

Fake4silence #1

untitled wladimir

map / 54

[ Cadavres Exqu!s ] results03


  _   _   _   _   _   _   _





Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:11:25 +0100
From: Big Brother Awards Nederland <>
Subject: Announcement: Nominations for the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2002

Nominations for the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2002
- -------------------------------------------------

Government agencies and private companies are increasingly violating
the privacy of people everywhere. Enormous amounts of personal data
are being collected, stored and processed - often illegally - in the
pursuit of more efficient marketing, greater social control, and more
powerful mechanisms for monitoring of the citizen.

Every year Privacy International and a growing number of affiliate
human rights groups present the Big Brother Awards to government
agencies, private companies and individuals who have excelled in the
violation of our privacy. The juries worldwide consist of lawyers,
academics, consultants, journalists, civil right activists.

The first Dutch Big Brother Awards will be held in Amsterdam on the
15th of February. Today the jury announces the nominations in four
categories: government, companies, persons and proposals. In every
category one winner will be awarded with an 'Orwell'. The Dutch Big
Brother Awards are organised by Bits of Freedom, a privacy and civil
liberties organisation based in Amsterdam.


- - The Royal wedding between Willem-Alexander and Maxima for security
screening of 50.000 people of which 18.000 were entered into a
- - The National Institute of Public Health and Environment for storing
identifiable blood samples of 1,4 million children without parent
- - The Public Prosecution Service for wiretapping phone calls between
lawyers and their clients


- - Spamming company abfab for spamming email and collecting email
addresses from webpages and newsgroups
- - The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
for the development of the Automatic Aggression Detection video
processing software which was demonstrated by TNO using video footage
of the uprising against Milosevic in Belgrade.
- - Peer-to-peer technology company Kazaa for delivering spyware to the
users of their software


- - The Minister for Urban Policy and Integration of Ethnic minorities
Roger van Boxtel for promotion of compulsory identification and the
use biometric technology
- - The State Secretary of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
Monique de Vries for breaking open an EU compromise on data retention
for telecommunication companies
- - Member of Parliament Joop Wijn for promoting a national database of
fingerprints for all inhabitants of the Netherlands


- - The Government compulsory key escrow plans for Trusted Third
Parties, which undermine the security and confidentially of electronic
- - The Intelligence and Security Services Act for giving unprecedented
interception possibilities to the National Security Service
- - The Commission Mevis for proposing far-reaching demands on banks,
insurance companies and telecommunication companies to track, store
and disclose customer data to law enforcement

For more information:

- -------------------
Maurice Wessling


Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:50:15 -0700
From: Mary Patten <>
Subject: ***PROJECT ENDURING LOOK: call for slides & short videos***

PROJECT ENDURING LOOK: open call for 35mm slides, photographs, "found"
photo-based images, and short (1-10 minute) videos (***SEE SPECS BELOW).

"The war isn't over, but already Pentagon and intelligence agency teams are
going to Afghanistan for a post-mortem on U.S. weapons and tactics. The Air
Force has launched a similar effort, code-named "Enduring Look."
- -- WILLIAM M. ARKIN, Special Correspondent, LA Times, January 16, 2002

PROJECT ENDURING LOOK, which will run from Feb. 15-Feb. 24 at the 1926
Exhibition Studies Space of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
will involve students, faculty, and staff, along with other artists,
performers, community organizers, writers, and academics in a series of
ephemeral events, projects, and gatherings which address the role of
culture "during wartime." Specifically, the project will investigate shifts
in rhetoric and public feelings over the past 6 months in the U.S., and the
real and perceived narrowing of what is deemed "appropriate" and
"acceptable" expressions of politics, emotions, and critical thought in a
period of crisis and confusion.

Through a building series of projections, performances, film and video
screenings, actions, and exchanges, PROJECT ENDURING LOOK will both include
and exceed the limits of agit-prop by embodying grief, empathy, and
contradiction. We will extend the boundaries of permissible speech and
action as we mix up art audiences and community organizers, peace activists
with radical academics. We aim to engender productive exchanges,
characterized by openness, energetic critique, and solidarity.

Given that the 1926 space is a house - the former residence of artist Roger
Brown - PROJECT ENDURING LOOK will use the literal and metaphorical
meanings of "house." The project will begin quietly, almost mutely. For the
first several days, the house will be closed, the interior "blacked out."
Slide and video projections will fill the front windows and project onto
the street. As the ten days of the project proceed, the house will open up
little by little, culminating in a busy and multi-faceted "Open house/Safe
House" on the closing days and nights.

***SPECIFICS: we are looking for:

1. Vertical slides (or images that can be easily scanned to be made into
vertical slides) for a silent, continuous, dual-projection installation. We
are looking for images of the insides of abandoned homes and public
buildings, or their remnants, destroyed or worn away by "natural
disasters," acts of war, or history. The images may be ambiguous as to
location and time.

2. Horizontal slides (or images that can be easily scanned to be made into
horizontal slides) for a silent, continuous, dual-projection installation.
These images should be based on the idea of "landscape" in war or crisis,
broadly interpreted beyond the landscapes of e.g. Afghanistan or New York
City. Please do not send over-saturated/exhausted images (e.g., no twin
towers on fire).

3. Short, ambient videos (image or text-based) on the project's themes for
a looped rear-projection video installation.

4. Short videos for a looped monitor presentation, which reference,
appropriate, or "talk back" to TV and media footage/images from "the new
war" and current crisis.

***FORMATS: 35 mm slides or JPEGS on ZIP disk. PLEASE do not send
attachments unless you get an email OK from us first. Ephemera and print
material OK as long as images fit within the vertical or horizontal
proportions for a 35mm slide.

***Videos must be under 10 minutes (1-5 minutes PREFERRED), NTSC, VHS.
Please send in bubble-wrap, NOT fiber-filled envelopes.

***EXCRUCIATING DEADLINE: ASAP, or, at the latest by Feb. 11, 2002***

Please send a SASE if you'd like your materials returned.

All material included will be credited/acknowledged to the
artist/lender/participant in printed material at the site.

Thanks! we look forward to your contributions.


Mary Patten
Film/Video/New Media Department
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 South Michigan, #308
Chicago, Illinois 60603 usa

Mary Patten
Film/Video/New Media Department
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 South Michigan, #308
Chicago, Illinois 60603
office: 001.312.345.3684
fax: 001.312.541.8070
home/studio: 001.773.275.1526


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 19:30:17 +0200 (EET)
From: Jaanis Garancs <>
Subject: [NICE] stolen (fwd)

can anybody help us to get our domain name back?

we can prove thet we have been using it since 1997 andi it has been used 
by several organisations and networks, and at least several hundred 

please reply to

jaanis garancs (owner of the

- --     	       tel: +49 (0)221 20189-169	       gsm: +49 (0)173 454 66 00
c/o KHM, Am Malzbuechel 2, 50676 Cologne (Köln), Germany

- ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 18:04:55 +0200
From: Rasa Smite <>
Subject: [NICE] stolen

hello nice

within the next few days there might be problems with mailinglist and nice
as it seems that domain name is stolen
nameservers in latvia still are recognizing this domain today
but most likely tomorrow it will be gone
jaanis is trying to figure out what and how has happened

but it seems that there are so many domain name selling companies on the
net, that they are monitoring when existing domains expire, and within the
same milisecond they are re-registering = steeling those expired domains 

last year it happened with Locomotive project
(now this project is running on new domain - )

we will save the list of nice subscribers, and will make new nice list on
other domain name, if we will not get back


NICE mailing list


Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:06:17 -0500
From: RSG <>
Subject: Trigger Words #2 (a Carnivore Client)

During the weekend of February 1st 2002, delegates from the World
Economic Forum arrived in the Midtown area of New York City. To greet
them were thousands of protestors, themselves greeted by what the New
York Times called a "stern police response." The police and the
protesters generally kept the peace, with only 200 arrests and little

Meanwhile, in a different corner of the city, a small group of hackers,
artists, and activists--or "hacktivists"--met to catch their breath,
organize political materials, and of course check their email. They
chose a venue unknown to the police, the Eyebeam center for media art on
West 21st Street. They also chose their own security system, one that
would protect the integrity of their sensitive computer communications.

They chose Carnivore.

Carnivore is an efficient data collection and analysis system used to
monitor all forms of Internet communication. It is a premium service of
Radical Software Group (RSG), the all-star collective of computer
artists hand selected from cities around the world. Like the FBI
software on which it's based, Carnivore is a non-invasive spying tool
that collects email and web traffic from its local environment. Because
Carnivore was installed last weekend in the same building where the
hacktivists were checking their email, RSG was granted a unique
perspective on the use of digital communications inside the protest

During the weekend of demonstrations the following organizations used
the Eyebeam facilities: Las Agencias (, The
"bike writer" group from MIT
(, Bureau
of Inverse Technology (, Institute for Applied
Autonomy (, RTMark (,
and The Yes Men ( It is not known how long each
group used the facilities. Some simply visited, others used it often.
However, once inside the Eyebeam surveillance zone, one hundred percent
of the hacktivists's Internet communications were monitored by

Data collection itself is worth nothing without appropriate analysis.
Thus, Carnivore offers superior diagnostics created by the world's
leading software artists. For example Mark Napier, a New York artist,
has released an analysis tool for Carnivore called "Black and White"
( He used this tool to calculate
the overall truth or falsity of the hacktivists's data. After several
days of monitoring, their data was found to be %37 true and %63 false.

Another diagnostic is called "Trigger Words." This tool records the
frequency of sensitive words--words such as "nuclear" or "White House."
After several days of monitoring, the hacktivists maintained a fairly
mainstream communications vocabulary. For example, while the word
"anarchy" was used 3 times, the word "freedom" was used 64 times. "Hate"
scored a high 75, however it was outranked by "hope" with 138 instances.
Several rare or unusual terms were also employed by the hacktivists at
at least once during their weekend of web use. These include: kiwi,
Fukuyama, and ninja (used 29 times!). Complete statistics appear at the
end of this message.

If you are in search of an effective data collection and analysis
solution, please try Carnivore. From schools to cybercafes to corporate
offices, Carnivore brings meaning to information. Analysis tools are now
available from Cory Arcangel/BEIGE, Mark Daggett, Josh Davis,
Entropy8Zuper! and others. For more information, visit

+ + +

Trigger Words #2 (a Carnivore Client)

Eyebeam Atelier, 540 W. 21st Street, New York City

Start time: 13:57:28 Jan 30, 2002
End time: 23:11:23 Feb 2, 2002

Las Agencias (
The "bike writer" group from MIT 
Bureau of Inverse Technology (
Institute for Applied Autonomy (
RTMark (
The Yes Men (

- -------------------------
Meta              2226
Sport             1151
Cards             975
Chan              826
York              611
Keywords          547
Global            446
Rsta              397
Privacy           369
Erco              326
Tools             282
Virtual           275
Ssor              258
Electron          240
Market            239
Import            232
Package           198
Secure            198
Rail              173
D-11              165
SHAPE             164
Society           161
Mexico            157
Bank              143
Rita              143
Hope              138
Vale              138
Solo              114
SORT              112
Passwd            106
Force             104
Guest             103
Chelsea           98
Jack              97
Mole              96
Angela            89
Contacts          87
Zone              87
Unix              86
Blocks            85
Osco              82
Edition           77
Hate              75
Government        73
Tiger             73
NTIS              72
Football          67
Dictionary        65
Consul            64
Freedom           64
Garbage           64
Qrss              59
Tokyo             58
Virus             56
JAVA              52
Austin            50
Quarter           50
Taiwan            50
Evil              48
Fish              47
Mega              46
Fake              45
Archives          44
Alex              43
Chosen            41
Mania             40
President         40
Resta             40
Smith             40
Cocaine           38
Police            38
South Africa      38
RENS              37
Golf              36
Centro            35
Dead              33
Executive         33
Jasmine           32
Texas             32
White House       32
Credit card       31
Honor             31
Harvard           30
Replay            30
Face              29
Ninja             29
Reno              28
Bronze            27
SERT              27
Nike              26
Bach              23
Beef              23
Buzzer            23
CIDA              23
Gorilla           23
Starr             23
Codes             22
Floss             22
Atlas             21
MSNBC             21
Gatt              20
Panama            20
Military          19
Basement          18
Schloss           18
Asset             16
Illuminati        16
Morgan            16
NASA              16
Threat            16
Aladdin           15
Soros             15
Trump             15
Spook             14
Anonymous         13
Dolch             13
Flame             13
Jackson           13
Rubin             13
Siemens           13
Advise            12
Debugging         12
Kiwi              12
ISEC              11
MISSI             11
NAIA              11
Porno             11
ISSO              10
Mace              10
Toad              10
AT&T              9
Cowboy            9
EADA              9
Stanley           9
DERA              8
ISPE              8
ISTA              8
Rhost             8
Submiss           8
CUSI              7
Fraud             7
JICA              7
Marx              7
Moore             7
Sweep             7
USSS              7
ASIS              6
CISE              6
Clone             6
Embassy           6
Lynch             6
Nuclear           6
Pixar             6
Platform          6
Stephanie         6
Unclassified      6
Baldwin           5
Captain           5
Goldman           5
Iris              5
Morse             5
Nash              5
Smuggle           5
Active X          4
ASIO              4
Bess              4
Cable & Wireless  4
Explicit          4
Gamma             4
LATA              4
Monica            4
Nitrate           4
Roswell           4
SAFE              4
SARA              4
Shelter           4
SLIP              4
Anarchy           3
Badger            3
CCSS              3
Daisy             3
Delta             3
Investigation     3
Larson            3
LITE              3
Maple             3
NIMA              3
Nowhere           3
NSES              3
PCMT              3
Playboy           3
Recon             3
SAAM              3
Tajik             3
Vanuatu           3
Advisors          2
Agfa              2
BECCA             2
Bluebird          2
CBOT              2
Csim              2
DDIS              2
Elvis             2
Embassy           2
IDEA              2
JICC              2
JOTS              2
Montenegro        2
Nuclear           2
Pirg              2
RAID              2
Razor             2
SORO              2
Spoke             2
Sweeping          2
Talent            2
USCODE            2
Varon             2
Yakima            2
Analyzer          1
Armani            1
ASTS              1
BIOL              1
Blackjack         1
Bootleg           1
Burns             1
Canine            1
CCSC              1
Chatter           1
Competitor        1
Dort              1
Encryption        1
Fetish            1
Forschung         1
Freeh             1
Fritz             1
Fukuyama          1
Goodwin           1
GOTS              1
Grom              1
Gulf              1
Hackers           1
HALO              1
Indigo            1
ISAF              1
IWIS              1
Kosovo            1
Lacrosse          1
Lander            1
LLNL              1
Loch              1
Locks             1
Mantis            1
Merlin            1
MOSAIC            1
NCSA              1
NLSP              1
NSAS              1
Ortega            1
OTAN              1
OTAT              1
Peapod            1
Press-release     1
Reflection        1
S511              1
Salsa             1
SARD              1
SART              1
Schengen          1
SFPD              1
Sneakers          1
SSCI              1
STEP              1
T2S2              1
Telex             1
TSCM              1
Veggie            1
VFCT              1
WWSV              1
Yukon             1
ZNI1              1


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