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<nettime> WEF index, according to gotham gazette's _eye opener_

for a while, it looked like qatar might become home to all globaloney
meetings; now NYC may well be in the running.


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date:         Tue, 5 Feb 2002 07:03:15 -0500
from: Jonathan Mandell <jmandell@GOTHAMGAZETTE.COM>
subject:      Eye Opener, Tuesday 05 Feb 02

NYC early-morning news, via GothamGazette.com

Yesterday saw the end of the five-day World Economic Forum In New York City.

Number of protesters (according to protesters): 25,000
Number of protesters (according to police): 7,000
Police on duty: 4,000
World leaders and corporate executives in attendance: 3,000
Arrests: 201
Official events: 70
Scheduled protests: 16
Buildings vandalized: one.
Protesters charged with crimes of violence: zero.


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