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Table of Contents:

"George(s) Lessard" <>
   read_me 1.2 under attack 
Olga Goriunova <>
   (((NORADIO))) diffusion & submission    
"noweb" <> 
   GlobalCN2001 Report (Richard Lowenberg)
   Read_me site is back - deadline extended!    
Olga Goriunova <>
   jan van eyck academie: 2 research jobs (announcement)  
geert <> newsletter february 2002 
"" <> 
   2 Week REMINDER - Net Art Commissions 
Mary West <>  
   the calls and opps list -- a digest of calls for work  
Michael Mandiberg <>    
   audio visual  arts  
soundtoys <>
   rhein.tanzmedia.web // statement of the jury 


Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 23:22:50 -0600
From: "George(s) Lessard" <>


The February 6, 2002 deadline for SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery submissions 
fast approaching. This annual exhibition is widely recognized for
excellence in digital and electronic art. The 2002 Art Gallery is
celebrating the creative spirit by looking at the process of creating
digital and electronic art. Of special interest is the process that
results in the work; i.e., how a digital artist creates. SIGGRAPH is
seeking three types of submissions:

1. Final artwork, including web projects, that depicts the creative,
conceptual, and technical processes involved in creating the work. For
details on how to submit, see web site (1) below. 2. Proposals for papers
that address the creative process. See web site (2) below. 3. Artists will
be offered a unique opportunity to work and create art during the
conference. For details on how to apply, see (3) below. For other details,
write to Ana Serrano, SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery Web Projects Coordinator,
at or to Karen Sullivan, SIGGRAPH 2002 Art
Gallery Chair, at



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The KMDiary Volume 3: Issue # 1 (January 2002) Current issue and archives
also available on the web as both .pdf and .html files at:

We encourage contributions from our members.  Please forward your
submissions to Lorraine Flaherty at  We anticipate
that the deadline for the next issue will be February 15, 2002.

The KMDiary is produced by the University of Toronto's Knowledge Media
Design Institute (KMDI), a School of Graduate Studies Institute since
1998. Please feel free to post widely, but leave the KMDI signature for
our recognition. Thank you.


Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 21:05:36 +0300
From: Olga Goriunova <>
Subject: read_me 1.2 under attack

read_me 1.2
software as a work of art
or artistic software manipulations

read_me 1.2 was hacked today
our beautiful script is broken
the deadline will be extended
more info will follow soon


read_me festival 1.2

CONCEPT can be found here

Deadline: January 31, 2002 (will be extended for a few days)
Festival: 17-19 May 2002, Moscow.

The following types of work can be referred to as artistic software:

1. Instructions (read_me) for modifying standard, commonly used software, as well as patches and
anything that creates an artistic impact on software in a way not planned by the application's
2. Deconstruction of existing software products, including computer games.
3. Programs written from scratch with a purpose different than the usual "rational" software
purposes, i.e. the rejection of the idea of a program as a purely pragmatic tool. 

Since the curators of the festival do not consider it necessary for the framework of the artistic
software categories to be too narrow, contact the curators if you are not sure if your work is
suitable for read_me 1.2!
If you would like to take a look at sample artistic software works, visit our links page.

"Macros-center", Moscow


Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 06:00:05 +0100
From: "noweb" <>
Subject: (((NORADIO))) diffusion & submission

(   (   (   N   O   R   A   D   I   O   )   )   ) 
            Teleconnect Audio Distant
:  A  U  D  I  O    P  R  O  G  R  A  M   :
  [GMT+01:00]   [CET zone] 
:  T  O  D  A  Y  :
* 29/01/2002 :
  - DJ PUNISHER I / part 1 from Paris [FR]
    Be prudent : only no music & talkshow
    Mp3 Stream on   

  - laboiteblanche from grandhoteldeparis [FR]
    Computer network audio injection
    Mp3 Stream on  

    00h00(00:00am) > ...
 - DJ PUNISHER II / part 2 from Marseille [FR]
    Be carefull : only robot playlist selection
    Mp3 Stream on   

:  N  E  X  T  :     
* 09/02/2002 :
 - SOLI Party for Fleicherei in Berlin [DE]
    Noisiv Group & Beatle-Print
    NFO : & 
    Real Video Stream on   

* 12/02/2002 : 
  - Duo Bille from Strasbourg [FR]
    "La p'tite maison"  (J.Pergolesi & P.Petitgenet)
    NFO :
    Mp3 Stream on &

:  A  U  D  I  O   P  R  O  P  O  S  A  L   :
   [(((NOMUSIC))) Festival 002]
    March 2002 - 24 hours worldwide audio/video stream
    Open Call to Players :
    Audio Live only via Network.
    {audio stream access needed} 
    Deadline : 03/17/2002
    >Submission : 
    >NFO :

 ...every tuesdays night : Dj Punisher 21h30(09:30pm) 

NEXT WEEK : 05/02/2002
23h00(11:00pm) the BAD BOY's  from Lyon [FR]

               Get your free job at !!! 

:   u  n  s  u  b  s  c  r  i  b  e  : 


Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 15:52:35 -0800 (PST)
From: (Richard Lowenberg)
Subject: GlobalCN2001 Report

The report on the Global Community Networking Conference, held in Buenos
Aires in early Dec. 2001, that I initially posted to some lists last month,
has been slightly revised with the addition of photo images, and is on the
web at:

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Richard Lowenberg, Executive Director
Davis Community Network (DCN), 1623 5th St., Davis, CA 95616

Ph. 530-750-1170  or  530-668-1100 (H)      Fax 530-757-2938                    

Yolo Area Regional Network (YARN)
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
"The body of knowledge speaks with rhythmic grace when moved by inspiration."
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 17:37:41 +0300
From: Olga Goriunova <>
Subject: Read_me site is back - deadline extended!

Dear all,

we are glad to inform you that our site is recovered and the deadline
for submissions is extended till February 3rd. Everybody who failed to
submit works during two last days are invited do it now!


read_me festival 1.2
Festival of artistic software

Deadline: February 3, 2002
"Macros-center", Moscow


Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 07:55:34 +1100
From: geert <>
Subject: jan van eyck academie: 2 research jobs (announcement)

From: Koen Brams <>

For its international 2002 Design Recast lecture programme
the design department of the Jan van Eyck Academy, post-academic institute
for research and production in fine art, design, theory offers per


Designers, design critics, design theoreticians who would bring
- - a keen interest in contemporary design issues
- - (design and/or editorial) publishing experience
- - independent research competence
- - and are sufficient in English
are invited to apply.

Research goals
- - the gathering, organizing, researching and representing of material
relevant to the 2002 Design Recast lecture programme, both in editorial as
well as in graphic formats
- - the articulation and evaluation of this material in print and on-line
- - the editorial organization and design of publicity material
- - the editorial organization and design of the seriesą proceedings
- - the documenting and archiving of the seriesą content for the documentation
center, in different editorial formats (paper based and electronic/audio

Research environment
The research will be conducted in a collaborative multi-disciplinary
environment. The researchers will be offered a grant, a studio and artistic
and technical advice.

Additional information about the programme:
Additional information about the research positions:

Please send your application and cv before March 1, by mail or email, to
Leon Westenberg (, with subject reference
ODesign Recastą.

Jan van Eyck Academy
Academieplein 1
6211 KM Maastricht
t +31 (0)43 350 3737
f +31 (0)43 350 3799


Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 18:18:37 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: newsletter february 2002

________________________________________________________________________________ newsletter february 2002

           our first floppy disks are in stores now

         yes: is doing diskz now! in january, we have launched
         what is only the beginning of a series of cheap ascii bookz
         distributed on black 3.5" floppy disks. the edition is limited
         to 100 copies of each text and available in selected berlin
         bookstores (try or more
         textz will be released soon, so stay tuned. in case you like to
         become a distributor, please contact

         Michael Hardt / Antonio Negri: Empire
         textz #01 / 1.027 kb / EUR 1.00

         Neal Stephenson: Cryptonomicon
         textz #02 / 2.278 kb / EUR 1.00

         Rainald Goetz: Abfall für alle
         textz #03 / 1.622 kb / EUR 1.00

           10 of our most popular textz in january

         a.s.ambulanzen: not found

         Kathy Acker: The Language Of The Body

         Douglas Adams: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy

         David Lynch: Mulholland Drive

         Nanni Balestrini: Gli invisibili

         Michael Hardt / Antonio Negri: Empire

         Umberto Eco: A Rose by Any Other Name

         George Orwell: 1984

         Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time

         Neal Stephenson: Cryptonomicon

           10 of our most recent textz

         William S. Burroughs: Naked Lunch

         Thomas Pynchon: V

         Jean Baudrillard: L'esprit du terrorisme

         Pierre Bourdieu: La télévision peut-elle critiquer la télévision?

         Mike Davis: Fundamentalisten der Neuen Mitte

         Franco Bifo Berardi: Panische Lösung

         Brian Holmes: The Flexible Personality

         Lawrence Lessig: The Internet Under Siege

         Diedrich Diederichsen: Adornos Taschentuch

         Roberto Ohrt: Porträt der Fiktion als mögliche Gegenwart

           recently answered questions

         we have recently answered a couple of frequently asked questions
         about on a (german-language) mailing list. if you want
         to know more, please check out the following url:

________________________________________________________________________________ - we are the & in copy & paste


Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 18:01:09 -0500
From: Mary West <>
Subject: 2 Week REMINDER - Net Art Commissions

Don't forgot! The deadline for proposals for the Net Art
Commissions is coming up on February 15, 2002. Enter your submission
into our online form by 5:00 PM EST (New York time) for consideration!

Beyond the limited information requested via the online form, your
proposal must take the form of a web site!

For more information, check out 


Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 15:48:59 -0800
From: Michael Mandiberg <>
Subject: the calls and opps list -- a digest of calls for work

hello all,

i had a request to repost information about the calls and opps list i 
maintain.  here is the info:

i maintain a list of calls for work and other opportunities, which is 
sent out weekly.  there are usually 10 - 20 calls per week, though 
this week there are 25...

the calls are filtered from a variety of listservs, web sources, and 
from calls received directly from curators.

To join the list or view the archive, go to


here is a sample of the most recent email, which includes 6 out of 
the 25 calls this week:

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
MOCA GA is seeking information on national artists who deal with issues
of race as a major thematic focus in their work.  We are interested in
works in all media.  This research is being done in preparation for an
exhibition organized by guest curators Ed Spriggs, Executive Director of
Hammond House Galleries, Alanta and Dan Talley, Gallery Director at
Kutstown University.  Opening at MOCA in the fall of 2002
Please forward contact information, slides, catalogs or other relevant
information to:
Professor Dan R Talley
c/o Kuntstown University, Fine Arts Department
PO Box 730
Kutztown, PA 19530-0730
For more info, contact:

SIGGRAPH is an annual conference for technology and art.
The Studio Program is now accepting proposals from artists, educators 
and technologists.
Due February 6th.
contact dan collins if you have questions:

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) is pleased
to announce that applications for the Manhattan
Community Arts Fund (MCAF) will be available
mid-February, 2002.

Grants up to $2,000 for Manhattan-based Artists and
Arts Organizations are available in Dance, Theater,
Music, Visual Arts, Design, Crafts, Photography,
Media, Literature, Folk Arts, Humanities,
Multi-Discipline, and Computer Art.

Individual Artists are welcome to apply directly to
the program.

For security purposes, PLEASE REGISTER by calling
212.219.9401, ext. 301. Each session is approximately
one and a half hours.

Wednesday, February 27
LMCC, 145 Hudson Street, Suite 801, New York, NY 10013
6:30 PM

Tuesday, March 5
Puerto Rican Workshop/Taller Boricua at the Julia de
Burgos Center
1680 Lexington Avenue, Bet. 105th and 106th Street,
New York, NY 10029
6:30 PM

Saturday, March 9
International Agency for Minority Artists Affairs
163 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027
10:00 AM

Thursday, March 14
LMCC, 145 Hudson Street, Suite 801, New York, NY 10013

6:30 PM

Applications must be postmarked or received by March
25, 2002.

For more information, including a downloadable
application form and guidelines available
mid-February, see our website at  Or
call Narisara Vanichanan, Regrant Manager,
212.219.9401, ext 116. 

LMCC provides support for individual artists and arts
organizations while fostering public participation in
the arts through free events in the performing,
visual, and new media arts in the financial district
and throughout the diverse neighborhoods and cultural
communities of Manhattan. 

The Manhattan Community Arts Fund is part of the
Greater New York Arts Development Fund and is
administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
It is made possible with public funds from the New
York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), the
Office of the Manhattan Borough President, and the
Manhattan Delegation of the City Council.

Supported by Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the 
Arts, Franklin Furnace awards grants between $2,000 and $5,000 to 
performance artists, allowing them to produce major works anywhere in 
the State of New York.  Artists from all areas of the world are 
invited to apply.

Franklin Furnace offers artists an honorarium (this year of $5,000) 
and a residency facilitated by Franklin Furnace, for a 2-4 month 
duration at a physical or online venue appropriate to your proposed 
work.  For THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2003, we hope to continue to 
expand the technology available to our artists through Parsons and 
beyond. The residencies may take place in the Spring or Fall of 2003. 
Artists who are interested in developing new artwork for the Internet 
are encouraged to apply.

See below for details on HOW TO APPLY.

Franklin Furnace has no curator; each year a new panel of artists 
reviews all proposals. We believe that this peer panel system allows 
all kinds of artists from all over the world an equal shot at 
presenting their work. All applicants are automatically considered 
for both categories of awards.  Every year the panel changes, as the 
definition of "emerging artist," the notion of “live art on the 
Internet,” and the definition of "performance art" itself changes, so 
if at first you don't succeed, try again.

ART has boosted the careers of such emerging artists as Papo Colo, 
Karen Finley, John Fleck, Holly Hughes, Cathy Weis, Pamela Sneed, 
Murray Hill, Tanya Barfield and Patty Chang.

This year's esteemed selection panel consisted of artists and 
curators Patty Chang, Garland Farwell, Zhang Ga, Carmin Karasic, 
Christiane Paul and Mark Tribe.  This year's Fundwinners are Tish 
Benson, Christine Carson, George Ferrandi, Stanya Kahn, Cary 
Peppermint and Tadej Pogacar. THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2002 artists 
are Kathleen Brandt and Brian Lonsway, Jeff Gompertz, and G.H. 
Hovagimyan. The full schedule and project descriptions are available 
on our website).

1. Write a 50-word summary of your proposed work. Make your summary 
as clear and complete as possible. You may also send a more detailed 
description of your proposed work.
must have a ˝ inch videotape (VHS - NTSC American format only), cued 
for five minutes, of your proposed work or past work. You may also 
include other visual support materials.
To apply to THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT series you may send a ˝ inch 
videotape, audio cassette, slides, photos, CD-ROMS, Jaz, Zip, floppy 
disks or URL (either MAC or PC format). If you do not specify which 
fund you are applying for, you will automatically be evaluated for 
both funds.
3. You MUST include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of 
materials, or indicate that you will pick up your packet at our 
4. Contact Info: Name, Mailing Address, Phone number/Fax number, Email/WWW.

5. You may include a budget (i.e. space rental, equipment, tech 
personnel). If you have other funding sources for your project please 
indicate this in your budget.
6. You may also submit your resume, reviews of previous work, and any 
other support materials.

Send it to:
2003 Proposals
Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
45 John Street, Room #611
New York, NY 100383706

Questions?  Contact us:
or call us at 212.766.2606 or fax at 212.766.2740

  P.S. 122 seeks proposals for new performance series, no deadline.

Performance Space 122 seeks proposals from dancers, actors, writers, 
performers, directors for its newest performance series, HOMEROOM. 
Homeroom is a low/no-tech performance lab held once a month, usually 
on a Monday, with performances, readings, parties, lectures and 
showings.  Show your work in a friendly setting and get some 
important feedback. Become part of the P.S. 122 community.  Send 
materials to

PS 122
Sasha Cuccimello
150 First Avenue
NY NY 10009

Deadline February 15, 2002
innovative, experimental public projects by emerging artists living 
and/or working in New York State

Public Art Fund presents

In the Public Realm

An opportunity for emerging artists to develop and site experimental 
public art in New York City.

In the Public Realm is an opportunity for emerging New York artists 
to undertake the challenge of creating a temporary work in a public 
space. Up to seven emerging artists will be selected by a 
distinguished panel of artists, critics, and arts professionals and 
commissioned by the Public Art Fund to develop formal proposals for 
public art projects. From these proposals, the Public Art Fund will 
select three artists to realize their work in the coming year.

Public Art Fund Inc. is a non-profit arts organization that presents 
the work of contemporary artists in New York's public spaces, 
providing alternative venues in which to create and view art. The 
Public Art Fund, over the past twenty years, has acted as a 
facilitator and advocate for artists and their work. By bringing new 
artworks into the public realm, the Public Art Fund provides a unique 
forum and support structure for artists to realize their artistic 
vision, while simultaneously increasing public access to contemporary 

What it is

In the Public Realm is a program of the Public Art Fund designed to 
encourage innovative, experimental public projects by emerging 
artists living and/or working in New York State. Artists selected 
through the program will make proposals, develop their work in 
relation to urban conditions, and ultimately present their work in 
the complex arena of public life in New York City.

Artists are encouraged to investigate the physical, social, and 
psychological nature of the urban environment throughout the diverse 
neighborhoods of New York City. Previous experience of working in 
public spaces is not essential for selection in this program.

How it happens

PHASE ONE February 2002
Commission Proposals

In February 2002, an Advisory Committee of artists, critics, 
curators, and experts in contemporary art will select up to nine 
artists to develop formal proposals for a public art project. Artists 
will be selected on the basis of materials submitted (see What to 
Submit). The selected artists will each receive $1,000 to create a 
formal proposal. Investigating potential sites and communities in New 
York City for their proposed project, artists will develop working 
drawings, prepare a maquette, and present an accurate budget.

PHASE TWO Summer 2002
Commission Projects

In the summer of 2002, the selected artists will present their 
proposals to the Public Art Fund. The Public Art Fund will choose up 
to three projects for realization. Those artists selected to create 
projects will receive $7,500 towards fabrication and installation, 
based on the finalized project budget and an artist fee of $2,500.

PHASE THREE Spring and Fall 2003
In the Public Realm exhibition

The selected projects will be exhibited the following year, opening 
in the spring and fall of 2003. Projects may be exhibited for up to 
one year.

What to Submit

Artists interested in this program are invited to submit the 
following materials

Up to ten 35mm slides of recent and/or current work in a clear 
plastic slide sheet. Each slide must be clearly labeled with your 
name(s), title, date, media, dimensions, and the TOP indicated. 
Please include a slide description sheet with corresponding numbers. 
Larger format transparencies, photographs, and drawings will not be 
considered. Do not submit original work.

Current resume, including name, address, telephone number, and email address.

A brief statement of interest (no more than 300 typewritten words). 
This should be a brief statement about your work that the panel may 
refer to when viewing slides, or issues and concepts that surround 
your work. This statement will be considered by the Advisory 
Committee as an indication of the direction your work might take 
should you be selected. Please do not submit a formal proposal.

A self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to return submitted 
materials containing the correct amount of postage (stamps only, no 
postage meter strips). Submissions without S.A.S.E. will not be 
returned and pick-ups are not permitted.

Optional materials may include one -" VHS videotape. The Advisory 
Committee will review up to three minutes of your tape. Clearly mark 
the outside of the tape with your name and title(s) of the work(s), 
and cue the tape to the segment you want the Committee to review.

When to submit

Materials must be received at the Public Art Fund's office by 500 
p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2002 (postmarks are not acceptable). 
Hand deliveries will be accepted.

Artists will be notified by letter no later than March 8, 2002. 
Please do not call before this date.

Please mail application materials to

Public Art Fund Inc.
Attn In the Public Realm
One East 53rd Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10022
If you have any questions please call the Public Art Fund at (212) 980-3942.

Miki Garca
Project Coordinator
Public Art Fund
One East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Phone 212.980.4575
Fax 212.980.3610

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