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<nettime> "BERLUSCONIMANIA: The Gun & the Book"

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"BERLUSCONIMANIA: The Gun & the Book"

In perfect consistency with the Outlaw directions of the New Berlusconi 
Government, a few significant news design the situation in Italy:
The Gun- In the general scheme of neutralizing the italian magistrates 
( notoriously pursuing Berlusconi for several reasons) the government 
has taken away the police force put in defence of magistracy dealing 
with dangerous cases.
That means for instance leaving them defenseless  in the struggle 
against the Mafia.
The last week's elections in Sicily marked an enormous success for 
Berlusconi ( by now knicknamed "Cavalier Silvio Banana...of course 
because of  Banana Republic).
The Berlusconi's campaign has been marked by unprecedented cynicism.
His men have been attacking anything ordered by the centreleft, 
therefore giving breath to any kind of unlawful structures & the Mafia.
A strong message of freedom for house building abuse is been given by 
the new powerful man of the Culture Ministery , Sgarbi who is been 
defending (sic) the villas built inside the Agrigento archeological park 
"Valle dei Templi". ( abusive building is one of the main investments of 
Mafia in Sicily)
The Book- The "italian Thatcher", Iron/Lady Moratti Minister of 
Education has given state financing on the same level to private and 
state education, pushing hard in direction of liberism and industrial 
sponsoring of education.
Her speeches are costantly underlined by deep distrust for culture (that 
is considered, expecially if modern) on the left side. (Goebbels-"When 
i hear the word culture my hand goes to the gun...")
Students and teachers are manifesting against the new laws.
More to Come!.........
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