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<nettime> first (italian) emendment: Free speech is forbidden on the Net !

From: Ferry Byte <>

first (italian) emendment: Free speech is forbidden on the Net !

The above sentence sounds as a rule for Italian police, justice and 
government as free speech and dissident are nowdays counteracted in 
Italy by any means

New legislative measures - on copyright, publishing industries, 
police controls, but also monitoring and intimidation procedures have 
been recenlty used to infringe protests' privacy taking a deep look 
at their chat-tools, mailing-lists, mailboxes etc. along with 
inquiries concerning every kinds of people involved in net-jokes or 
real protest (an animal-rights supporter site has been closed because 
of a single page considered a libel one, but also other Web sites 
dealing for example with supposed saint or bonsai-kitten)

Two specific polital persecutions on the Net involve us directly: the 
first one relates a fascist thug named Caradonna that wants 129.000 
of Euro to be forgotten while the second one relates the suppression 
of the right to netstrike - a new telematic way to organize a 
political march (also known as virtual sit-in)

For these reasons we invite You to "take a look" at us not only as a 
show of solidarity but also because on our site - and expecially by 
our mailing-lists - you can find news on these emerging kinds of 
censorships; but first of all we advise You to have the right idea of 
this "good-looking" country

no-profit organization "Isole nella Rete"
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(press release in occasion of the first Italian Cyberspace Law 
Conference - edition)



Ferry Byte della comunita' cyber-rights di Isole nella Rete
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