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<nettime> copyrights


This material is a contribution to a designated copyright grey area. 
No laws of any territory yet constituted shall be deemed particularly
applicable in governing its ownership, nor does it infringe on rights
deemed to be granted in their commission to  (i) store this material on
servers; (ii) distribute it through web sites and through email lists;
and (iii) reproduce, publish, perform, display, adapt, distribute or
otherwise make available this material in web sites, books, CD-ROMs,
religious visions, semaphore, Chinese whispers or any other form or
medium whatsoever, whether now known or as may hereafter be developed.

The distinction between the public and the private is a distinction
internal to bourgeois law, and valid only in the subordinate domains in
which bourgeois law exercises its authority.  This text may be stored,
retrieved, copied and read only in media systems which existed prior to
or are developed after the existence of bourgeois law.

All material covered by this declaration is produced under conditions
which make the ascription of its development to one individual, group,
network or institution impossible.  It has already disappeared as a
separate element with identifiable boundaries and is being recomposed
by the storage systems, display devices and other protocols by which
its circulation is affected.  Every user of this material is
responsible for correcting any errors of fact, interpretation,
parsability, scansion and the law that may arise in its storage,
transmission or interpretation.

The persons hitherto known as the author, publisher, producer and
distributor, or any other titles which exist, have existed or are
heretofore invented in order to name them or the functions which they
carry out or may be deemed to have fulfilled, hereby revoke any claims
to copyright, and any moral financial or cultural rights which may
thereby accrue as a result of the publication of this text.  It makes
us sick.  Take it away and burn it.

Permission is granted to store, copy, alter, and distribute this
material by any means.  We cannot i) pay for a lawyer.

You may rewrite or adapt any or all elements of this material on the
understanding that i) such a condition is imposed on all subsequent
versions of the material, ii) what constitutes a valid, functional, and
aesthetically-pleasing version, is iii) peer-pressure optimised, by a
committee of version inspectors who are governed ultimately by one
over-worked but sulkily good-looking functionary.

This text is a collection of citations strung together by a handful of
received ideas published in a journal that no library, institution,
company or individual subscribes to, and which no-one but those cited
is aware of, but which upon publication will guarantee the tenure of
the author in an academic institution of no real interest, the
appointment to which position the author will: a) rail against for the
rest of his miserable life.

This material is being held from publication until such a time as it
will fully benefit from submission to the cleansing rigour of the
market economy.  The copyright holders will protect their intellectual
property rights by all means at their disposal in order to i) prevent
others profiting from their hard work and extensive IP redeployment
potential research, ii) assure the most beneficial market profile via
comprehensive coverage of all territorial, delivery platform,
merchandising and remediation licensing options, iii) have the option
of deleting it from our list should something more interesting become

This text cannot exist in a context in which copyright is deemed to be
applicable.  It has therefore been erased in order to allow readers the
chance to examine and admire the elegance, and comprehensive robustness
of the series of clauses which preclude its existence.

This text may be freely distributed (i) stored on servers; (ii)
distributed through web sites and through email lists; and (iii)
reproduced, published, performed, displayed, adapted, distributed or
otherwise made available in any form or medium whatsoever, whether now
known or as may hereafter be developed with the proviso that every copy
introduces a variation of the received test by one letter, and one
letter only, and that such a condition be imposed on every subsequent

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