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<nettime> Report on Unpatriotic Scholars

  [from the NYTimes, paper-version. not yet found online.]
  11/24/2001, StarTribune newspaper, article online at:

  "Report accuses many scholars of being unpatriotic"

  abstract: "Critics contend that a list of 117 allegedly
  anti-American statements made on campuses
  since Sept. 11 is misleading and offensive."

  "[list] compiled by the American Council of Trustees
  and Alumni, a conservative non-profit group devoted
  to curbing liberal tendancies in academia. The list,
  part of a report that was posted on the group's Web
  site ( http://www.goacta.org/Reports/defciv.pdf )
  last week, accuses several dozen scholars, students
  and even a university president of unpatriotic behavior
  after Sept. 11.]

  "Calling professors "the weak link in America's response
  to the attack," the report excoriates faculty members
  for invoking "tolerance and diversity as antidotes to
  evil" and pointing "accusatory fingers, not at the
  terrorists, but at America itself."

  "Reports from advocacy groups are issued all of the
  time. What has gotten this one, titled "Defending
  Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing
  America and What Can Be Done About It," more
  attention than usual is that one of the council's
  founding members is Lynne Cheney, the wife of
  Vice President Dick Cheney.

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