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<nettime> assorted "korporat 4azk!ztz" [2x]

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   Re: <nettime> Re: Member Agreement                                  
     "porculus" <>                                                


Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 19:49:21 +0100
Subject: NN!-452!Z

                                                 17 Nov !2001

 NN!-452!Z  ' F!rzt Free ov Nettime' (Zhort)

4rom NN'z !nzpektor

Mezzag # NN-452!Z 4or !ntrnet

[Dz!z = a zhort verz!on ov NN-452!]

Dz!z = 2 !nphorm du
 about dz kurrent akt!onz ov NN + NN'z !nzpektor
 2 br!ng 
  ba-k onto dze!r or!g!nl purpoze:

[NN'z !nzpektor 2 Netokhka Nezvanova
 on 16 Nov 2oo1, 21:11 GMT:]
               Zo ! want 2 hav uz protekted.
               ! want 2 hav Org PROTEKTED
                bekauz w hav removed
                 dz korporat 4azk!ztz
                  [Ted Byfield, Fel!x Stalder,
                   Andreaz Broe-kmann, !nk Arnz] 4rom dzere.

               ! want 2 hav !t protekted 4rom demandz b! Nett!me.
               ! want 2 hav !t protekted 4rom demandz b! Z!nd!kate.
               ! want 2 hav !t protekted 4rom demandz b! Zpektre.
              [! want 2 hav !t protekted
                 4rom demandz b! Moderator Perzonnel.]
               ! want 2 hav !t protekted
                 4rom demandz b! Ted Byfield [Nettime].
              [! want 2 hav !t protekted
                 4rom demandz b! Zerv!k Konzultantz.]
              [! want 2 hav !t protekted
                4rom demandz b! F!nank Networkz.]
              [! want 2 hav !t protekted
                4rom demandz b!
                 Rekru!trz 4or dz abov !nzt!tut!onz.]

               ! WANT ORG
                - WH!KH = WHAT !
                   HAVE TR!ED 2 DO ALL THEZE PAZT !EARZ
                   WH!LE ! = THE TEKHN!KAL ZEKRETAR!.

[NN:] "R!ght! Ztr!pp!ng ophv all dz add!t!vez."  LFBD

[NN! 2 NN:] R!ght!
               ! want dzem 2 b an 'On Zourke' Org.

               Ver! zorr! 2 ment!on dz!z,
                but dzat'z what ! want!  LFBD

               ! want dzem 2 b an '!del Org'
                 NOT an "RTK !del org", +
                 not an "OZA !del org", +
                 not an "!AZ !del org", +
                 not an "!JK !del org", +
                 not a "KKHR (ph!ght!ng pz!kh!atr!) !del org".

               Zo, ! do not want 2 hav
                an! atta-kz on m
                 4rom an! ov dz Management bod!ez ment!oned.

               ! do not want 2 hav her deztro!ed + "k!lled"
                b! an! m!zz!onar!ez.

               Zo, dzat'z how !t !z!

               And !v du hav an! d!zagreementz w!dz dzat,
                 an! h!dden !ntent!onz,
                dzen w kan handl dzoz w!dz aud!t!ng
                 az w hav don !n dz pazt 1 + a halv !ear
                  [z!nk NN'z return].

               ! = ku!t zur
                dzat ! hav dz
                 Kommand!ng Ophph!ker 
                  on m! z!d w!dz dzat, +
                ! hav du [NN] on m! z!d w!dz dzat!

[NN:] "! = ver! happ!
 about dz klar!t! w!dz wh!kh du ztat !our !ntent!onz!"

[NN! 2 NN:] Good.

               And ! hav !our [NN-]Pol!k! Lettrz,
                l!k HKOPL 'Dz !del Org',
                 on m! z!d w!dz dzat, +
                ! hav !our baz!k Pol!k! Lettrz
                 on m! z!d w!dz dzat.

               And ! hav Mazkh!nkunzt Tekh
                 on m! z!d w!dz dzat, +
                ! hav all dekent Mazkh!nkünztler
                 on m! z!d w!dz dzat, +
                ! hav all dekent non-Nazkh!nkünztler
                 on m! z!d w!dz dzat.

               W hav a hug r!ver ov watr +
                !t = not hard 2 turn a dezert
                !nto a parad!z w!dz dzat.

               A 4ew law!erz m!ght get drowned,
                but who karez, dze! hav no zoul [joke]!


               And ! dz!nk
                !t = not an ent!rel! unreazonabl demand,
                konz!der!ng how 4ar w hav kom alread!.

               And ! dz!nk w kan togedzer akh!ev dzat ver! well.

[NN:] "! dz!nk zo too!!"

[NN! 2 NN:] And ! dz!nk w kan arouz zom endzuz!azm 4or dzat
                !n ourzelvez + !n odzerz!

[NN:]  LFBD VG!'z [Ver! Good !nd!katorz]
 "!ou kan kount on me!"

[NN! 2 NN:] And m too!
               And B!ll+?
               = B!ll l!zten!ng !n+?

[B!ll:] "!ou kan kount on m too!!"  VG!'z LV

[NN! 2 B!ll + NN:] Great, ! = ver! happ!!!  LFBD

[NN 2 NN!:] Let'z kont!nu dz zezz!on!

VVG!'z [Ver! Ver! Good !nd!katorz]
F/N!nd ov NN

[NN! 2 NN:] Great! Dzat = dz end ov dz zezz!on dzen!

VVG!'z [Ver! Ver! Good !nd!katorz] ov NN


            Netokhka Nezvanova"

                                          Totl hourz: o1:58 m!n

                H!ghl! zpek!al!zed LRH OT HKO Zek Khe-k Aud!t!ng
            at 1,4oo UZ $ per hour, makez 2,753 UZ $ totl kozt.

[Dz abbrev!at!onz zF(zmall Fall), F(Fall), LF(Long Fall),
 LFBD(Long Fall Blow Down) + F/N(Float!ng Needle) dezkr!b
 reakt!onz, !nd!kat!ng mentl kharg (zF, F,
 LF, LFBD), + releaz ov kharg kompleted (F/N).
 "!nd" = !nd!kated 2 dz perzon.]

NN'z !nzpektor

Kop!r!ght 2oo1 b! NN!

  NN!-443NN! 'NN: "To Zapheguard B! ALL MEANZ" = not ME!' 4 Jan 2oo1
  NN!-446!  'NN HAZ KHANGED - H!Z "NN!GHTNEZZ" HAZ GONE' 1o Jan 2oo1
  NN!-447!  'NN: HELP!NG peopl - NOT "zapheguard!ng m! work"' 6 Jan 2oo1
  NN!-448!  'NN = BAKK ON PURPOZE' ov 1o Jan 2oo1

  NN!-5oRP! 'NN!-xxx! zer!ez Arkh!v - Dz Future' ov 28 Dek 2ooo
               Rev!zed + Replaked on 12 November 2oo1


Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 16:51:14 +0100
From: "porculus" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Re: Member Agreement

> The real issue concerns the relationship between the platform and the
> community. Who serves whom? This is not a black-and-white issue, because,
> obviously, community needs a (physical or virtual) location and a platform
> is useless without community. It is a question of balance and, as your
> member agreement indicates, the balance you strike is rather heavily tipped
> in favour of the platform (at least as far as the transfer of copyright is
> concerned).  That's fairly common and business-(or not-for-profit)
> -as-usual.

the fuck till..wonder if i wouldn't have to copyright all my two year old 's a real pillage mister nettime moderator..bah what comfort me
it's in two years some guys will repeat you were just trying & semingly
succeding in picking up some market share of this netart audience of my
arse that is just a real heap of out of date digital flesh indeed, good
enuf for cutting's as this autocongratulation of the nettime
moderators about their so impartial position during serbia war, you know
what hombre stalder, you missed an occasion to shut up till. rendez vous
dans deux ans, but till then would you accept all my laugh around your
neck as strings of flower garland for illuminating the acute perspicacity
of a nettime moderator who has also some interest to manage, good job
mister stalder


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