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<nettime> _9/11 Or When the Emergency Becomes the Rule_.

Hi folks
_9/11 Or When the Emergency Becomes the Rule_.

I have recently been approached by a major academic journal of social and
cultural theory to explore the possibility of putting together a number of
short but _critical_ social science/humanities articles on September 11 and
its consequences.

We are interested in receiving cultural and social theoretical pieces that
seek to theorise the relationship between the cultural and social impact and
aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York
City and the Pentagon on 9/11.

Here is what we are looking for:

*  Fresh perspectives.

* Interdisciplinary/ Multidisciplinary approaches.

* Original questions/analyses.

* Use of continental philosophers, critical theorists, postmodernism,
feminism, poststructuralism, anthropology, phenomenology, systems theory

* The incorporation of the work of Adorno, Deleuze & Guattari, Baudrillard,
Virilio, Beck, Bauman, Elias, Simmel, Luhmann, Lyotard, Weber, Habermas,
Derrida, Butler, Douglas, Foucault and so on.

* Perspectives from around the world. I would especially like to encourage
contributions and contacts from people in South America, South East Asia,
Japan and Africa as well as from Europe, the USA and Australia and New

* Short pieces, 2-3000 words in length. Deadline: the end of January 2002.

* Pointers to outstanding pieces published in English.

* Pointers to outstanding articles in languages _other than English and any
offers of translation of such pieces.

I must emphasize that, at this point, this project is at an exploratory
stage. Whether it comes off or not more or less depends on what arrives in
my inbox between now and next January.

Please feel free to circulate this around any other appropriate e-lists.

Best wishes



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