charmaine driscoll on Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:18:18 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> video in the web love france

am thinking of this video which we saw about web deductions and the using of 
bodies via email and cyberelations. this was something quite common some 
years back. ithink ppl.e have become skeptical since then however this video 
which narrates a series of email sex stories and leads to the utter despair 
of one character, the woman, who becomes in the process a prostitute in 
Bernard Shaw's sense of the word.she has a history of abortions and no safe 
sex practice, in otherwords she is a sixties nostalgia type  comes from a 
drug (sort of background) and is using everyone in her path to get what she 
wants. she meets a fellow from ireland whilst all of this unfolds and it 
reveals to her her mania and despair her need to overpower and use others, 
especially her former lover of global distance and how he also falls into 
her net. she is obssessed with fatness as well, and she has friends who 
caution her to relent, but she does not. the fellow from ireland has a short 
and pathetic liason with her and she fantasizes that is akin to hiroshima 
mon amour, but it is, we learn more like london, paris, my despair and 
deception. money becomes her god, and she hopes to be taken seriously as an 
artist and the elite of a small circle like her, but mostly pity her. she 
reads eliot's wasteland in her fit of despair and ends by killing herself. 
does anyone else have comments about this;; one final item, she is making or 
assumed to bemaking some web video which purports to examine all of these 
matters also. sorry for so vague and perhaps imprecise a snyopsis but i saw 
this video in france last spring where it was well received but i have 
forgotten the title, the actors and director were 'underground' . if someone 
might have a clue as to this video i would appreciate it. best charmaine.

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