Paul Hilder on Sun, 18 Nov 2001 04:46:13 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> interrogating the globalisers

Dear all,

In the run-up to the WTO meeting at Qatar, interviewed
two of the leading lights of corporate globalisation, Peter Sutherland and
Maria Livanos Cattaui. They said some surprising things, even while sticking
to their market guns. Globalisation v2.01 may be cracking...

Sutherland, founder of the WTO and head honcho in both BP and Goldman Sachs,
called for aid budgets to be boosted, and for higher taxes in rich
countries. He painted a grim picture of the need to overcome petty national
struggles by fostering interdependence, and the lack of global governance
mechanisms for doing so. The interview (between him and Shirley Williams) is

Cattaui, secretary-general of the International Chambers of Commerce and
long-time organizer of Davos, was even more interesting, arguing for a
strong public sector to manage globalisation (even before the 9-11
turnaround), and speaking frankly about the global economy making us feel
like we have our pants down with a cold wind blowing. Her interview can be
found here:

Just like the globalisation struggle after Qatar, these interviews are not
yet over. This is an open invitation to you to HOLD POWER TO ACCOUNT: ask
your questions of Sutherland and/or Cattaui. You can do so simply by
emailing a question to (anything from Do you
support tax havens? to 600 words of argument will be acceptable!). We will
finish the question session in early December and they will then respond. If
they duck a good question, well pick it up.

Youre also welcome to check out our broader globalisation discussion,
featuring Bhutans foreign minister among others. Dont let the debate be
closed down


Paul Hilder
Building a global network for debate and invention independently one day
at a time

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