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Re: <nettime> Member Agreement

> From: "Mark Dery" <>

> It's the last part---"and (iii) reproduce, publish, perform, display,
> adapt, distribute or otherwise make available Your Content in web sites,
> books, CD-ROMs or any other form or medium whatsoever, whether now known
> or as may hereafter be developed"---with its (at least theoretical)
> potential for generating revenue for Rhizome from the sale of someone
> else's intellectual property that seems grabby---not to mention weirdly
> hegemonic, in the good old _New York Times_-ian sense, for a site that
> wraps itself in the mantle of Mister Destratification, Gilles Deleuze.

I have seen this sort of language used by academic presses, non-profits,
startups, and anyone else who finds all the horsetrading (i.e. annoying
negotiation) about rights and permissions to be too time consuming.

One example from the 1990's.  The Public Broadcasting System had a
critically well received program on Martin Luther King Jr. It was several
hours long and they wanted to re-purpose it ( a favorite old term of
multimedia producers) in laser disc (a format that had its ups and downs
in the past couple of decades).  As they renogotiated all the scripts,
photos, performances with writers, actors, photographers, audio engineers,
it became so expensive and drawn out that the new product could not be
sold for a price that would have been acceptable to schools and other
organizations in the target market.  I think it was subsidized partly,and
only because of that did it get produced.

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