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<nettime> 2x poems

Table of Contents:

   Literary rarety: poetry from Bin Laden                                          
     "Redactie" <> (by way of Diana  Ozon <>)   

   Brand new world                                                                 
     "Mona Abdallah" <>                                               


Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 21:37:02 +0100
From: "Redactie" <> (by way of Diana  Ozon <>)
Subject: Literary rarety: poetry from Bin Laden

Again in translation,
- ------

Amsterdam, 10-11-2001


You receive this mail because we think you might like to know that from 
today some poems off Osama bin Laden are on line.
It was already known that Bin Laden published on a small scale in the 
beginning of the nineties. The Dutch author Serge van Duijnhoven traced 
this poetry all the way into Armenia. The results can be found on the web

With greetings,

The editors of
<http://www.BATTL.NL>WWW<http://www.BATTL.NL>.BATTL.<http://www.BATTL.NL>NL other journalism, literature and en music

(We apologize if we bothered you with this mail.)


Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 22:35:37 +0200
From: "Mona Abdallah" <>
Subject: Brand new world

Hello all:

A poem by a friend of mine, the Arab poet, Ehab Lotayef. Will be =
published in the next issue of LeCafe. But definitely worth sharing NOW! =


Brand new world

Kabul fell.
Congratulations on swapping Abdul for Abdil.
Opium will be flowing, still,
and all the amputees,
survivors of a war that can't be won,
will continue to live in hell.
But, congratulations anyway:
Kabul fell

Today's heroes,
please don't forget,
are tomorrow's villains;
but only when the White-House-man
will have the will

Kabul fell,
and gardens of bright red roses
will grow around every well.
Caravans will give way to vans
and the mud-hut, to a motel.
It's the dawn of a brand new world,
now that Kabul fell

- --
Ehab Lotayef
Montreal, November 13, 2001

Le Caf=E9:
Your Online Connection To Egypt

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