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<nettime> november 10th in Rome


Some days ago, more than 90% of the Parliament have approved the war.
A poll published by La Repubblica on November 7th says that 55% of the 
italian people do not approve the war (at its beginning! Guess what will 
happen in two months).

November 10th.
Patriotic gathering in Rome, launched by the Italian government.
Flags and nationalist rethoric.
During two weeks all the right wing parties, and the Berlusconi's mediasystem
have supported the meeting. investing a huge amount of money.
A fascist leader of Alleanza nazionale has told some days ago: "We are 
expecting one million people"

The same day the movement of Social forum gathered for its own 
demonstration, which had been decided three months before, in protest 
against WTO summit in Qatar, and re-conceived in the new context of global 
Little money for the organization, silence of the mainstream media.
Isolation. Fear

So what happened?
30.000 people attended the government-organized demonstration, in piazza 
del Popolo.
130.000 people walked the street of the town crying: "not in my name",
"l'Italia  in guerra io no." (Italy is at war, i am not")
"Stop the economic social military war".

What has happened is very important for all of us.
It means that we can now begin the offensive against the mafia-government 
that seized power and is destroying democracy in this country.
The democratic offensive will not succeed unless it can become part of a 
general European campaign against the war. Europe has to be reconceived as 
an area of internationalism and peace.
It's only in the context of a common european struggle against the war, 
that democracy can be restored in Italy.


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