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<nettime> Sit-In against WTO meeting in Doha ++ Live radio coverage

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   Fwd: Virtual Sit-In Against the WTO - Nov 9th-13th                              
     "Sasha Costanza-Chock" <>                                

   NO NEW ROUND RADIO - ((i))ndymedia + Greenpeace independent coverage on WTO                                                                    


Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 06:24:31 +0000
From: "Sasha Costanza-Chock" <>
Subject: Fwd: Virtual Sit-In Against the WTO - Nov 9th-13th



The WTO thinks that by meeting in Doha they will be able to ignore the 
voices of millions around the world who are organizing to say NO to a model 
of globalization that places corporate profit above the environment, labor 
rights, and human rights. But protests are taking place in cities around the 
globe . . .

and we will add our virtual bodies to the presence of the physical bodies of 
people who are taking to the streets.  Why? To drive home to the WTO that we 
will not stop until people take priority over profit.


you will find instructions there.



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Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 20:42:55 +0100
Subject: NO NEW ROUND RADIO - ((i))ndymedia + Greenpeace independent coverage on WTO

NO NEW  ROUND  RADIO  -  9  november  2001  starting  from  15:00  GMT
distributed independent radio coverage on WTO

A global coordinated distributed effort to cover  no-wto  actions  and
countersummits, where any free independent media can join in taking up
part of the 24 hour programming.

This is the only  independent  broadcast  platform  covering  the  WTO
conference, which is quite possibly a  defining  meeting  between  the
west, the developing world and Islam. The anti-globalisation  movement
has  never  had  a  voice  in  the  area,  so  this  is  an  important
opportunity to  build  up relations with the arab world.  We hope  the
IMC network makes the most of this and we make true progress in  being
a true global independent news media network. Indymedia really does go
where no other news agency will go and thus  brings  a  voice  to  the
unheard,  the  dispossessed  and  from  all  corners  of  the  planet.

With the help of Indymedia, Greenpeace intends to put on  the  web  at
least 1 hour of English programming a day during the WTO meeting, also
Arabic programming is being planned.  The origin of  those  broadcasts
will be the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, as it is docked in  Doha,
Qatar  during  the  4th  Ministerial  meeting  of  the   World   Trade
Organization (WTO).

We invite any Indymedia Center to help cover on  the  global  site  as
well as on their local sites the events happening in  their  locations
from nov 9th to nov 13th.
Phone lines will be soon set up to receive  incoming  calls  from  all
over the world to report on the various actions:  there  will  be  the
possibility to upload audio features on mirrored  ftp  sites  so  that
anybody partecipating can share the content produced  and  radios  can
transmit it in any form.

We  hope  that  the  coordination  will  grow   to   include   another
communication means and  as  much  people  as  possible:  it's  a  big
experiment and it could spawn the idea  of  keeping  this  distributed
audio project.

Coordination will take place on #radiodoha

mp3 stream mountpoints on:
(and eventually more, check for updates)

if  you  want  to  collaborate  please   contact   the   tech   staff:
<> <>  <>
<> <> or come  on  irc  to  coordinate

if you can offer a webserver mirroring audiofile features (approx 50Mb
space needed) please let us know!  a list of links where  to  download
and scheduled programming will be updated on and pages.

when this all starts:
9th november 15:00 GMT
coordination is allready going on IRC
going on until 13th november.

NO NEW  ROUND  RADIO  -  9  november  2001  starting  from  15:00  GMT
distributed independent radio coverage on WTO

((i))ndymedia - Greenpeace


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