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   Re: <nettime> Censoring Porn: An Experiment in Waste                            
     andrew garton <>                                        

   FW: Mynd Productions call for volunteers                                        
     fran ilich <>                                             

   an online meditation for global unity                                           
     collateral assets <>                                          

   Understanding the art  market                                                   
     domiziana <>                                                  

     m e t a <>                                                          

   ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS --the website                                       
     geert lovink <>                                                  

     "" <>                                          

   =?iso-8859-1?Q?Maracatu_Le=E3o_Coroado_-_From_?= Recife_PE_BR                   
     "h.d.mabuse" <>                                          

   splash probe- model 15                                                          
     "-------->update" <>                                        

   Announcement regarding new _arc.hive_ mailing list (fwd)                        
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              

   EXECUTIVE ORDER: US DEPT. OF ART & TECHNOLOGY                                   
     US Department of Art & Technology <>                    

     brian carroll <>                                        

   update from the new york scp                                                    
     SCP-New York <>                                               

   Italian SCP                                                                     
     SCP-New York <>                                               

   at Deitch?                                                                      
     "dream7 _" <>                                               

   performance against face recognition software                                   
     SCP-New York <>                                               


Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 15:56:47 +1100
From: andrew garton <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Censoring Porn: An Experiment in Waste

Several artists participating in the Experimenta Trash/Waste project have
been invited to participate in a collaborative web project being
coordinated via a mailing list.

Trash mailing list Archive

(Select "Messages by Date" for current list of postings)

I feel it prudent to discuss the issues raised by Ned Rossiter about
Katrien Jacobs's work and its treatment by Experimenta within a forum with
other participating artists.

If you wish to participate, and perhaps engage other artists involved in
this project, you may do so by emailing a blank message to:

The collaborative web project is being coordinated via:

The end result of this collaborative will be a hybrid interactive site
compiled, designed and produced by the artists at the Toy Satellite

- -ag.

- ---

  t o y   s a t e l l i t e  |  e.
                             |  w.
  media arts                 |  t. 61 3 9486 5425
  production + performance   |  f. 61 3 9486 5426
This email is solely for the named addressee and may be confidential.


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 12:27:42 -0500
From: fran ilich <>
Subject: FW: Mynd Productions call for volunteers

Is it A Play With a Website or a Website With A Play?

Writers, Programmers, Designers, Producers, Marketing Reps and fellow
Internet Enthusiasts, come join this innovative multileveled Theater &
Internet Web Site production.  PAY-FREE, but we promise one hell of a

This is a very stylized media-minded technology suave satire about
advertising and marketing. (Think The Truman Show, Brazil, Hudsucker Proxy,
AdBusters Magazine) This production is a play with a web site. Or is it a
web site with a play?

A young woman is guided through her life by the suggestions of a handheld
"electronic friend" she receives as a college graduation gift.  This "pal"
is motivated by profit margin and will use whatever methods necessary to
win her trust, control her buying habits and learn her insights, which will
ultimately be used to sell the very device to more unsuspecting consumers
with better effectiveness.  Behind this manipulative personalized data
research tool is a powerful corporation.  "Our aim is to make this device
appear so innocent and helpful that we can get 2 to 3 of them in every
home."  And of course this business has a web site.  That's where YOU come
in. . .

Tired of designing and programming for corporate America?  Sick of writing
the same old drab copy or selling some useless product?   Maybe the
downsizing gave you a little extra time?  Put your experience, creativity
and humor where it will be truly appreciated.

We will be developing, launching and promoting this satirical
marketing/advertising website as if it's the real thing.  Come and join
like-minded hopeful cynics and help revolutionize the way theater is seen
and done in the technology age.

****If you are interested in any of the areas listed below in any way at
all, call or write now! ENTHUSIASM and INTEREST are the MOST VALUED

Oversee the production of the Web Site and/or theater production. Organize
and keep the production on track and of course fun.

Responsible for helping design and develop the look and feel of the
company, both for stage and Internet.  Logo, letterhead, mailers etc. Full
branding.  (Somewhat stylized and over-the-top.)

Help develop content and company voice.  From the history of the company to
fictitious advertisements and press releases, there's plenty of room for
all sorts of marketing and advertising satire.  Create and or produce your
own ads!

Looking for passionate designer(s) who would like to create powerful
visuals that sell.  You know how effective good design can be, let's use
those same techniques to mirror and examine the real world.  If it works
for them, it can work for us.

Write and produce original music and pseudo radio advertisements for the
theater production and website.  Work closely with web designer and

Help push, promote and engineer marketing angles for the website and play.
 From stickers to flyers, hats, banner ads, link trading etc., there's
plenty of room to get creative.  The goal is to give "this corporation" a
name and get traffic to the site.

Contact press, both local and national, to gain attention for this
technology satire website and play.  There is plenty of room to help create
a fun and/or serious angle for various newspapers, magazines and radio
shows. Let's make some noise!

Use the Internet to locate already created fictitious/mock ads.   From
radio voice-overs to well produced satire television commercials and print
ads., the goal is to collect as much quality content as possible and gain
an audience. (This will also give a backbone to the emerging play.)

Any artists, musicians or interested parties from a theater background that
would like to contribute in some way are welcome.  It will take a short
while until the stage production begins, but please don't hesitate to let
us know your interests and how you would like to contribute.

Because we will be toying with the lines of reality and fiction, it will be
neccessary at some point to keep some things legal.  This is to both
protect our property and be "perceived" as a legitimate company by the
powers that be.

Great ideas can truly fly with the right team.  With your help, let's see
how far it will take us…

Please feel free to send this information along to any or all people you
think would enjoy being a part of this endeavor.  Thanks  :)

Call or write NOW! Operators are standing by!

Contact: Aaron

for more information:

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Get your free address at


Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 07:49:29 -0800 (PST)
From: collateral assets <>
Subject: an online meditation for global unity

Please visit and participate.

Thank you.


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Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 10:01:57 +0100
From: domiziana <>
Subject: Understanding the art  market

"Understanding the art  market"

an essai, a concept, an artwork, a method.

- -- 


It was pure bliss
               when I finally achieved silence.



Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 01:53:28 -0800
From: m e t a <>
Subject: google



Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 17:05:49 +1100
From: geert lovink <>
Subject: ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS --the website

From: <>
Subject: ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS --the website

De Verbeelding art landscape nature, Zeewolde, The Netherlands is pleased to

A website developed by 9nerds - showing the 11 artworks commissioned for
the ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS  project- with;

* Mark Dion# (USA) * Krijn Giezen (NL) * Henrik Håkansson# (S) *
davidkremers# (USA) * Atelier van Lieshout (NL) * N55# (DK) * Tobias
Rehberger# (D) * Ulf Rollof# (S) * Roman Signer# (CH) * herman de vries#
(NL) * Annette Weisser & Ingo Vetter# (D) *

The website documents the development and history of all 11 works in 6
'moments' during the year 2001;

* the sketch proposal * the original situation * the realisation * the work
* the interaction * the final stage *

The ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS project can be visited on location in
Zeewolde The Netherlands until 12 november 2001.

The permanent artworks (marked above with #) are additions to the
collection of De Verbeelding, and can still be visited after this date.

- -----------------------------------------------------

De Verbeelding art landscape nature is an international centre for the arts
that enters into a relation with the landscape and/or nature. The combined
information centre and exhibition space is situated in Zeewolde, the
youngest village in the province of Flevoland and the Netherlands. De
Verbeelding is the starting point for a route of 7 km leading through
Zeewolde village centre, across the landscape park De Wetering, through the
woods and over the dike to the Randmeren (the lakes between the polders and
the former coast). This route leads walkers past works by artists of
international fame. De Verbeelding organizes a bi-annual event during which
works of visual art are temporarily or permanently added to this unique
collection. The collection gives an impression of the relationship between
art, landscape and nature as it has developed since 1970. The centre also
provides information about other large works of art in Flevoland.

The project ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS
a word play on the terminology used to define how computers work. The
technical term is 'artificial neural networks' and makes a connection
between the workings of the brain and those of computers. A similar link,
between nature and technology, is also established by the American writer
Kevin Kelly in his book Out of Control: nature as model for man-made
systems and machines. He says that artificial natural evolution helps us to
better understand organic evolution.

In five successive presentations in the pavilion the following artists have
given an impression of their work: herman de vries (NL) and Roman Signer
(CH), Krijn Giezen (NL) and Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Tobias Rehberger (D)
and Annette Weisser-Ingo Vetter (D), Henrik Håkansson (S), Mark Dion (USA)
and N55 (DK), Ulf Rollof (S) and davidkremers (VS). Various generations are
represented in the project.
The American art critic Willoughby Sharp and the French novelist Michel
Houellebecq have been chosen as the points of reference, or perhaps indeed
as the voices of conscience, for De Verbeelding's first series of projects
under the title ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS. 'Earth art calls for the
radical reorganization of our natural environment; it offers the
possibility of mitigating man's alienation from nature', wrote Sharp in
1969. But the high expectations of the Sixties generation, of social and
spiritual consciousness, have recently been completely undermined by Michel
Houellebecq, who writes, 'The revolution will not be spiritual but
genetic.' While Sharp at that time envisaged a double role for the artist -
as environmental manager, as urban planner, as architect, as civil
engineer, as cultural anthropologist - the network structure has grown
considerably during the last thirty years. The fields of knowledge that
artists are interested in have intensified to the extent that they no
longer take up an autonomous position. It is this idea in particular that
is expressed in De Verbeelding's first project.

Project proposals
All eleven invited artists have agreed to cooperate on realising a work for
the De Verbeelding route. They were amazed at the artificial natural
character of the village of Zeewolde and the largest continuous deciduous
forest in Northwestern Europe in the polder, were surprised to see
underground creeks and the archaeological discoveries of shipwrecks at the
bottom of what used to be the Zuiderzee, were concerned about the rising
sea level and drop in land level, asked the Stadsbosbeheer forester
questions about all the different types of trees and the animals that come
and go. Their proposals are stimulating and challenging, interesting and
appealing to the imagination. But they also turned out to be so complex
that the planned opening to accompany the realisation of the projects in
May has had to be postponed until September.
This postponement has given De Verbeelding the opportunity to present
itself as a communication centre. The artists' proposals are being
presented in a special exhibition designed by Miriam Windhausen
(Amersfoort) in the pavilion from 26 May till 12 November 2001. The
ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS project is becoming so much more an interactive
process for artists, organisers, government bodies and the public. It is a
process that is concerned with plans, designs and realisation, with
security and safety as regards permits for the various works of art, with
land and property rights in connection with the siting, but above all with
art, landscape and nature.

The process of realisation already began in January when david kremers
connected his website with the Biodebat (, a discussion on
Internet about xenotransplantation aimed at secondary schools. In the
summer, starting around the middle of June, Annette Weisser and Ingo Vetter
maked a start on their 'ambient music' project for the village square in
Zeewolde, which is part of their Controlled Atmosphere series of works. The
construction of the works of art began over the course of the summer. Some
of them will only reach maturity later, like the roses around herman de
vries's sanctuarium, as well as the plants inside it, the trees and plants
in Mark Dion's folly, the mosses, fungi and other plants in The Remembered
Self and The Forgotten Self by Ulf Rollof or davidkremers' fish genetically
manipulated by means of bio-technology. Not only art, the landscape and
nature, but also De Verbeelding will thus become 'out of control', with
maximum chances for an artificial natural evolution.

- -----------------------------------------------------

For more information, contact:

De Verbeelding
De Verbeelding 25
3892 HZ Zeewolde
T +31 (0)36 5227037 - F +31 (0)36 5227205

9Nerds participants for are;
* Aldje van Meer * Gabrielle Marks * Marten Terpstra *


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 23:08:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "" <>
Subject: News

Hello All,

This is to update you with new info about

1. Our project continues to grow. So far 265 artists
and writers from 30 different countries have submitted
350 works. You're invited to submit more work, as long
as it examines the September 11th attack and ongoing

2. The first exhibit is a success. Read the review:

3. Our new mission statement has been posted here:

4. art will be featured by the
International Child Art Foundation in an effort to
encourage children to follow our example and make art
about the tragedy of September 11th. ICAF's ChildArt
magazine will print artwork by a child artists next to
artwork by some of us (their staff selects the work).
Details here:


Note: You received this message because you
participated or emailed If you don't
want to receive updates, reply to this message with
UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject.

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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 20:00:38 -0200
From: "h.d.mabuse" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Maracatu_Le=E3o_Coroado_-_From_?= Recife_PE_BR

Good people from Nettime!

We are proud to announce the launching of the Maracatu Leão Coroado’s 
Project! Please read the release below. For further information, don’t 
hesitate in contacting us.
- ---
Maracatu Leão Coroado

h.d. mabuse ( )
Sérgio Angelim (

Recife. Estuary city, built over land reclaimed from the sea, originally 
mangrove swamps. Since the last decade, some of the richer aesthetic, 
cultural, and technological experiences in Brazil have been sprouting from 
this fertile soil.

November 7th, 2001 marked the start of an experience without precedents in 
the country, involving technology, culture and history.

The agent of this experience is the Maracatu Leão Coroado. Founded in 1863, 
it is one of the oldest maracatu nations in Brazil, being nowadays the most 
traditional in Pernambuco. The stage is Águas Compridas, a poor community 
in Olinda  another main city in Recife’s metropolitan region.

The project, which combines tradition with new communication technologies, 
took off on November 7th, when Maracatu Leão Coroado unveiled its official 
website ( The site’s main goals are acting as a 
communication link between Águas Compridas and the world; being a reference 
for maracatu studies on the internet, having the most complete and accurate 
content on the topic on the web today; being an open space not only for 
other maracatus but also for any other cultural entity in the region.

The experience is an initiative of Maracatu Leão Coroado and friends, and 
is supported by strategic technological organizations in Recife: NEWStorm, 
which developed Notitia, a web publishing tool that allows users without 
technical knowledge to produce and maintain content on the internet; 
C.E.S.A.R  the Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems  which, since 
its foundation, in 1996, has been a technological partner in many social 
and cultural projects in Pernambuco; CDI  the Committee for Informatics 
Democratization  which is helping the community create an EIC (Escola de 
Informática e Cidadania  Informatics and Citizenship School) in Águas 

In a second moment, foreseen for the end of December, there will be the 
inauguration of the EIC, which will give the tools for the community to 
maintain and evolve the website by themselves, and the launching of Águas 
Compridas’ online periodical. Another milestone in this phase will be the 
start of the construction of Maracatu Leão Coroado’s headquarters (Casa 
Luís de França).

In a third moment, expected for the second semester of 2002, Leão Coroado’s 
headquarters will be inaugurated and the process of creating new cultural 
and technological multipliers and leaders within Águas Compridas and 
surroundings will be in full speed.

Thinking globally and acting locally, Maracatu Leão Coroado intends to 
create an environment where most of the community needs are taken care of 
by themselves. This will be achieved through the social organization, based 
on its headquarters in Águas Compridas, and with the technological tools at 
hand. Within this scenario there are countless possibilities: 
professionalizing courses; communitarian radios; workshops on art, music, 
and science; electronic art, digital recording studios. For the community, 
the website is just the beginning.
Press-release, photos, music and wallpapers
Maracatu Leão Coroado’s website

Newstorm, developer of Notitia.
Web content publishing software.
Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife
(Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems)
Comitê para a Democratização da Informática
(Committee for Informatics Democratization)


Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 23:09:51 +0100
From: "-------->update" <>
Subject: splash probe- model 15

date: 08 nov 2001 22:53:47 (CET)
name: splash probe- model 15
description: draw sound
browser: msie 5+ (only)
plugin: shockwave 8.5


Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 00:54:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Announcement regarding new _arc.hive_ mailing list (fwd)

- ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 16:46:03 +1100
From: "][s][.Urge.Protect.][or][" <>
Subject: [7-11] Announcement regarding new _arc.hive_ mailing list

- -
4 some time now, various hierarchically-dependant entities
have been cauterizing net/web-based activities [n.cluding email-
lists] in an effort 2 streamline and contain
the netwurk in all its varied formulations. ][][ lists
that have previously m.braced x.pressive/communicative
tendencies of all typ][o][es r now dying ][heavily][
moderated & flame-driven deaths, with the survivors either
hanging on 4 dear text or abandoning the status-quo-seeking
shells in s][tatic][warms.

_arc[texture.eyes].hive_ seeks to fill the gap][ing hole][
left by those lists previously d.voted 2 the e.volut][e][ion,
discussion, practice, & slippage of all actions
oriented around the net/web. _arc[texture.eyes].hive_ will try
2 jab ][@][ buttoned boundaries & ][re][create a space where
x.perimentation &][i][t.e
regarding any label u care 2 stick on/ova creative practices
involving the network [ie new media art, code poetry,,
e.literature, content alteration poetry, web
art, electronic art, hackerese, digital projects, net.wurks,
programmer writing, spam art, incremental texts, theory/hybrid
factions, software art, performative
interactions, werdwurk, calls 4 applications & submissions,
gamer rhetoric, technical info/details, net-linked announcements
etc etc] is 2 b x.pected & n.couraged.

we [mez & ftr] c the _arc[texture.eyes].hive_ list as a
dissemination/node point 4 all things geared 4/2wards/in the n]
[w][e][b][t, including the active creation of
net.wurks via the list mechanism.
- -

we'd lurve 2 c u

2 join.

][mez][ & ftr

. . .... .....
.... . .??? .......


Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 12:15:14 -0500
From: US Department of Art & Technology <>

- --============_-1206796337==_ma============
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" ; format="flowed"

US Department of Art & Technology
Washington, DC

Press Secretary
For Immediate Release: November 9, 2001


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and 
the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as 

Sec. 1. Establishment. I hereby establish within the Executive Office 
of the President the Department of Art and Technology (the 
"Department") to be headed by the Secretary of the Department of Art 
and Technology.

Sec. 2. Mission. The mission of the Department shall be to develop 
and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national 
strategy to secure United States cultural resources and support 
America's media artists, and to insure that the visionary aspirations 
of the avant-garde are an integral component of our nation's 
discourse. The Department of Art and Technology promotes media art, 
cultural growth, and improved aesthetic standards for all Americans 
by working in partnership with business, universities, communities 
and art schools. The Department shall perform the functions necessary 
to carry out this mission, including the functions specified in 
section 3 of this order.

Sec. 3. Functions. The functions of the Department shall be to 
coordinate the executive branch's efforts to detect, prepare for, 
immunize, protect against, respond to, and recover from an 
increasingly technological and media-saturated society. Within the 
Executive Branch, the US Department of Art and Technology is the lead 
U.S. cultural agency, and the Secretary is the President's principal 
art and technology adviser.

(a) National Strategy. The Department shall work with executive 
departments and agencies, State and local governments, and private 
entities to ensure the adequacy of the national strategy for 
detecting, preparing for, immunizing, protecting against, responding 
to, and recovering from the threat of cultural deprivation as well as 
media bias propagated by United States corporate interests and shall 
periodically review and coordinate revisions to that strategy as 
necessary. The Department advances U.S. objectives and interests in 
shaping a freer, more visionary, and more utopian world through its 
primary role in developing and implementing the President's policy on 
art and technology.

  (b) Detection. The Department shall identify priorities and 
coordinate efforts for documentation of technology-assisted art that 
call for aesthetic freedom and utopian ideologies within the 50 
United States and its greater commonwealth.

                                        GEORGE W. BUSH
                                        THE WHITE HOUSE,
                                        November 9, 2001



Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 19:07:17 -0600
From: brian carroll <>
Subject: <===P=O=W=E=R=L=I=N=E=S===>

  [submission for announcer]

- -----------------------------------------------------
<====== P = O = W = E = R = L = I = N = E = S ======>
- -----------------------------------------------------

  "A poetic documentary about the mystery of electro-
  magnetic fields, the promise of new energy and the
  dangers of electromagnetic pollution. With music,
  image, and dance, Powerlines explores the differences
  between the energy of life and the energy we have
  surrounded ourselves with."

- -----------------------------------------------------
  visit the new site documenting the Powerlines film,
  music & multitracked process of filmmaker, musician
  and composer Helen Hall. site content includes...

- --> score: multitracked compositional fragments

- --> sounds: Real Audio excerpts from the soundtrack

- --> cd: information about the powerlines compact disk

- --> video: details about ordering the powerlines video

- --> texts: reviews of the film, music, and interviews

- -----------------------------------------------------


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 23:56:28 -0500
From: SCP-New York <>
Subject: update from the new york scp

hello all!

the new york surveillance camera players have tried to stay busy these
days, because the group's members find that it's the only way to stay sane
in these days of THE BIG LIE.

- -- the group has performed "It's OK, Officer" three times recently

- -- the group has translated a 20 Oct 2001 statement from the French
anti-surveillance group called "Smile You Are Being Filmed"

- -- the group has kept track of the visits from computers registered to US
military units and has changed the presentation of the page that reports
upon these visits, which now average one per day

- -- the page that reproduces the NY SCP's scripts has also been filled out
and streamlined

- -- the group has been featured in the press, and has translated those
articles that have appeared in foreign languages

translation from the french
translation from the german (published in switzerland)
translation from the german
article in English about face recognition software

does anyone speak Dutch? we need a Dutch to English translator!

- -- a lot of additions have been made to the dead-ends page

- -- the Arizona SCP has performed again

Ciao bello
for the NY SCP


Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 12:23:24 -0500
From: SCP-New York <>
Subject: Italian SCP

Just received this message, which says in part that the Bologna (Italy) SCP
have moved their website to this address
which is not yet completed.

Il sito (novo) degli scp è pronto (quasi).

La maggirparte dei link non sono attivi, le funzionalità che promette sono
ancora da sviluppare e dulcis in fundo, mancano i contenuti.

Vabbè ma allora che ho fatto?
Lo ammetto mi sono lasciato andare: di solito faccio del rigido html (stile
sito scp newyorkese); questa volta ho voluto sperimentare un po' coi "css".

L'intenzione è quella di avere un sito "family friendly", per la famiglia
insomma, ma non troppo media.

Ci sono 4 possibili navigazioni: istituzionale (contatti, chi siamo ecc.);
interno-operativo, pubblico-documentario e informativo-tecnico.

E necessario un periodo di test e qualche ora di codice per arrivare alla
sua prima release pubblica.
Prego tutti di collaborare segnalandomi:
1. se ci sono errori di visualizzazione con computer diverso dal mio;
2. difetti di content managment (oooooooh!);
- -> se il violetto vi fa cagare mi dispiace, a me piace moltissimo (nero era
davvero cupo).

Non è un sito "finezza", ma ci sto lavorando sodo quindi apprezzo ogni

Dimenticavo l'url:

A prex

Naturalmente mi aspetto 3 cose:
che lo proviate


Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 17:09:18 +0000
From: "dream7 _" <>
Subject: at Deitch?

I'm not an avid list poster, but I need to draw people's attention to 
something which I came across this weekend., has been obviously plagiarized by a John White C, a 
digital artist, who has already shown Muserna's work in LA and Chicago, and 
is now showing it in SOHO at the Deitch, as a commissioned work of the 
Tirana Biennele, with Miltos Manetas, this week.

John White C has entitled the piece "STEG," short for stegosaurus I assume, 
although in fact the image is of a tricerotops.

Here is John White C's version, its on the cover of this site. It is also 
under "Electronic Projects:"
It's also at Tirina Biennele Electronic Orphanage site:

Its also here with this gallery:
Pic and link to his rip in John White C. artist area.

And its on John White's portfolio site, listed under "Projects":

Here is Muserna's work, it is Big Monster # 5, created in 1999
Here are all of the Big Monsters:

There's the proof.  Muserna also has real world prints of these pieces as 
well, and has exhibited them before, in 1999.

This is not an example of reappropriation, no major changes to the image 
were made.  Here is an example of total copyright infringement, Muserna was 
never contacted about this, and he is not even given any kind of credit.

So what kind of *artistic* motivations led JOHN WHITE C to right click that 
image and choose save as "STEG"?

- -- Margaret

          (    )
        (        )
      (   (        )
     (              )
       (      )   )
         (      )

Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at


Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 21:36:40 -0500
From: SCP-New York <>
Subject: performance against face recognition software

In answer to the call recently issued by FANCLUB in Manchester, England
(see below), the New York SCP will be cutting into the sight lines of a
public web
camera -- an Internet surveillance device -- operated by a
privacy-insensitive company on Saturday 17 November 2001 to protest against
face recognition software.

Used to match freshly captured images of people's faces against databases,
face recognition software is now being introduced at airports all over the
United States (Oakland, Boston, Providence, Denver) to combat so-called

The NY SP's performance will start at exactly 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
(1:30 pm in California, 9:30 pm in London and 10:30 pm in Berlin), will
last about 10 minutes, and will be repeated twice if possible.

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For more information, contact (212) 561-0106 <>

FANCLUB offers a ---


In response to the developments in face recognition software FANCLUB are
making a performance gesture for Futuresonic. Using Futuresonic's map of
surveillance cameras in Manchester, a team of performers will walk through
Manchester city performing for the cameras with big crosses shaved on their

This is an idiot-proof and cheap alternative to face recognition software,
it will assist the surveillance workers to spot the trouble-makers, thus
saving much needed capital.

We are performing in an arts festival here in Nottingham. The production
manager Kamal is directing a sonic festival, with an
art/activist/surveillance theme in Manchester 13-18 November. They've
produced a map of all the surveillance cameras in the city centre.


They have commisioned uk artists to make work from SC footage recovered
through the data protection act. This is a collaboration with the
comedian/activist Mark Thomas from Channel 4 fame. All very interesting!

FANCLUB info contact

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