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Re: <nettime> Analog to Digital Dj mixes coded language...


nice one. I think the toilet network is actually an appropriate metaphor for 
a discussion between comprension of network systems, especially analogue 
versus digital::: most of us seem to just piss ideas out into the internet 
network in a method of textual and image-based expulsion::: ((even if there 
are others who constantly hold on to the idea of pre-conceived 

in the use of the word compact, i was actually reading it as a form of 
simplifcation and reduction, and not only as miniaturisation. i see your 
point here::  the functionality of bigass analogue beauties (such as old 
skool telephones) has completely been superseded by tiny tech (like asian 
developed credit card sized cel phones that can control the appliances in 
your apartment). nations like malaysia have probably saved billions in 
restructuring costs (including nature) so that they get to skip a bit of 
heartache in tech-development and jump into the middle of 
tech-world-for-everyone. I'd like to know how this effects regional 
cultures.  whew.

I was in Laos last year, staying in a villiage that had been "fortunate" 
enough to have had electricity installed 3 years previous.  florescent 
lights for most shops and restaurants, and of course an internet cafe....  
forget radio and TV: these people just jumped a few decades into a western 
present. again:: Gibson's "unevenly distributed future..."

another consideration for you:: if punk music is still considered to be the 
place where analogue music could end and become as raw is it can get:: does 
the digital end rest in the fingertips of an "unlearned" kid scribbling with 
a mouse to skool john cage and merzbow at the same time? discard the 
physicality of pianos, guitars and vinyal and we might realise that the 
history of music really has been miniaturised to a pocket watch that 
composes newavantegardepostpop music....

and thanx for the but i'm already in there...

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>Hey "Trip" - okay. I'll respond to your two observations separately:

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