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<nettime> BBC radio soap in Afghanistan

>Nettimers will also be interested to find out in the article that the soap
>was based on The Archers, a daily radio serial started in the 40s to inspire
>the farmers of Britain to embrace new farming methods - hence its
>descriptor: 'an everyday story of country folk'. The show ceased in Britain
>in the 80s (?) and had a 'sister' serial set in a suburban doctor's surgery
>called 'Mrs Dale's Diary'.

The Archers is alive and well!  It celebrated its 50th
birthday this year.

In recent episodes the original incumbents of Home Farm in
Ambridge retired and handed over the farm to the children.
And - in Blair's brave new England the farm labourers now
write and perform poetry at the local pub.

Mrs Dales Diary (The Dales) ran from 1948-1969 and folded
not long after the first Mrs Dale (the 30's musical star
Jessie Matthews) was retired and replaced by younger talent.
Matthews suicided not long after and the show lost its

The Queen Mother reportedly commented about the programme,
'It is the only way of knowing what goes on in a middle-class
family'.  Quoted from:

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