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Re: <nettime> Chilling Example of Curtailment of Civil Rights under Fast Track legislation

i just got this reply from another list.
the national green party which had ralp nader as candidate is actually at


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> From: Gus diZerega <>
> Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 15:54:08 -0800
> To: "M. Macha NightMare" <>
> Subject: Re: Green Party Coordinator Detained At Airport
> Dear Macha  -and others-
> A Green member sent me this when I forwarded your email to her
> blessings,
> Gus
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> The following message was posted to wagreens-active:
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> Hi all,
> I hate talking about individuals on a list like this, but the misleading
> statements being put out by one Nancy Oden need rapid rumor control.
> Defending her half-truths would make us look silly.
> I got to meet Nancy three years ago when she was in Seattle for the
> national committee meeting of the activist organization known as "the
> Greens/Green Party USA," which should not be confused with the national
> electoral organization, "the Green Party of the United States," which
> nominated Ralph Nader for President and helped get him on the ballot in 44
> states.
> Nancy was incredibly rude to her fellow activists.  She talked endlessly
> about how mean the Maine Green Party had been to her, and about how evil
> the Greens from "that other Green organization" were.  I dismissed her as a
> run-of-the-mill kook.
> Then, this past spring, she somehow got elected to the three-member
> Coordinating Committee of G/GPUSA.  Her tenure involved a string of 2-1
> decisions taking authority away from the larger Green National Committee,
> and shutting down various processes in the bylaws that were used to try to
> overrule her.  Eleven of the 13 state parties then affiliated with G/GPUSA
> had called for a membership referendum on the "Boston Proposal for Unity."
> (Only six are needed to call such a referendum.)  Nancy used her power on
> the CC to prevent any money being spent to hold the referendum, and
> continually threatened to fire the two staffers who were trying their best
> to obey the bylaws.  To say that Nancy was abusive toward the staff would
> be an understatement.
> When the pro-unity supermajority was unable to ever get a vote called on
> the Boston Proposal, most of the state parties started disaffiliating.
> G/GPUSA is now down to four state parties, two of which are still in the
> process of disaffiliation.
> Meanwhile, GP-US, which is expected to finally be recognized as "the
> national committee of the Green Party" by the Federal Elections Commission
> some time in the next two weeks, has 33 affiliated state parties.
> Nancy Oden got elected to the G/GPUSA CC on a platform of "real democracy,
> where We the People ..."  Instead, she ran the organization with an iron
> fist and sent nearly everyone fleeing to more productive ground.
> Nancy's latest heavy-handed rhetoric does not match up with what I've been
> reading in the Bangor news.  She was not targeted at the airport because
> she was a leader of the G/GPUSA.  She was targeted because she was rude to
> the security officers.  Indeed, the FBI say they had no idea who she was.
> Other Green Party leaders have had no trouble whatsoever flying.
> Nancy was not banned from flying.  She was simply not allowed to fly that
> day.  Nancy said she did not put up resistance to having her purse searched
> (a standard procedure long before 9/11) or personal search.  She just went
> crazy at the metal-detecting wand.  I know Nancy well enough to know why
> she would freak out at the use of such a radioactive instrument around her
> body.  She is a long-time anti-nuke activist.
> We risk delegitimizing ourselves by defending Nancy Oden's hysterical
> account of airport security.  We'd also be causing more well-intentioned
> Green-Party-activist wannabes to go to G/GPUSA's web site and pay dues to
> G/GPUSA, not knowing that it is not the national Green Party that put
> together the convention in Denver and nominated Ralph Nader for president.
> If GP-US puts out a press release today, I hope it presents a more balanced
> account of what really happened between Nancy and airport security, and
> points out that Nancy's organization is *not* the national Green Party.
> Sorry to rag on fellow activists.
> Cheers,
> Brent White
> former dues-paying member of the activist organization known as
> "the
> Greens/Green Party USA"
> on 11/3/01 10:41 PM, Dimitri Devyatkin at wrote:
> It looks like fascism has really come to America.
> "I was targeted because the Green Party USA opposes the bombing of innocent
> civilians in Afghanistan."
> --Nancy Oden

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