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Re: <nettime> Analog to Digital Dj mixes coded language...

Paul D. Miller" <> wrote:

I tend to think that this will create some kind of compact multi-media
platform that can handle almost all aspects of digital creativity
within a couple of years...

    >> the likelyhood of multimedia platforms becoming more compact, i think 
is less likely, due to increased specialization and access to the 
technology. there will be more toys and bits and bites for one to play with: 
a confusing melee of digital instrumentation that could make it more 
difficult to switch between mediums, especially by people who don't 
understand a device or medium beyond the "on" switch.

don't you think part of this digital specialization and confusion can be 
seen even in the attempted categorizations of electronic music? I once 
talked to someone who thought "trance" referred to any kind of electronic 
music... by no mistake of theirs: it's just that clarity tends to come 
through attempts at organisation and definition: something that digital 
mediums tend to dissolve and add to the grey zones....

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