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American air attacks under attack - abroad, and not only in Syria 
(Syria condemned them in harshest terms in the presence of the 
blushing Blair), but in Russia, too:
"In a scathing attack upon its supposed ally, Moscow 
characterized U.S. food aid as "cynically reassuring the Afghans 
they won't let them starve to death," while dropping "hundreds of 
cluster bombs, killing the very same Afghans the Americans 
pretend to care so much about. " according to official Russian 
Moscow cited new, high-tech weaponry developed by the United 
States, including stealth helicopters and microwave beams, and 
described Afghanistan as a "testing ground" for the U.S. At the 
same time, Moscow strongly implied intentional U.S. carelessness 
 and ineffectiveness  in the use of its weapons.

...and at home by Human Rights Watch:
(New York, October 31, 2001) -- The United States should 
immediately stop using cluster bombs in Afghanistan because they 
pose an unacceptable risk to civilians, Human Rights Watch said 
in a backgrounder released today.
The backgrounder details U.S. use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan 
so far, as well as the history of the weapon's use in Kosovo and the 
Persian Gulf War.

Meanwhile some Americans moan that they didn't do the towers 
"It's a DISGRACE that in a population of at least 150 MILLION 
White/Aryan Americans, we provide so FEW that are willing to do 
the same," bemoaned Rocky Suhayda, Nazi Party chairman from 
Eastpointe, Michigan. "[A] bunch of towel head/sand niggers put 
our great White Movement to SHAME."

More background information is pouring in from Fossil Fuelistan:
"* Azerbaijan. Dick Cheney lobbied to remove Congressional 
sanctions against aid to Azerbaijan, sanctions imposed because of 
concerns about ethnic cleansing. Cheney said the sanctions were 
the result only of groundless campaigning by the Armenian-
American lobby. In 1997, Halliburton subsidiary Brown & Root bid 
on a major Caspian project from the Azerbaijan International 
Operating Company."

And it must be tough for dialisis-bound Bin Laden to live in 
medically challenged Afghanistan: 
by Toby Rose
Le Figaro today claimed that a CIA agent met Osama bin Laden in 
a Gulf hospital as recently as last July and received "precise 
information" about an imminent attack on the US.
According to the French daily, the agent met Bin Laden while he 
was being treated at the American Hospital in Dubai for a kidney 
infection. The agent was subsequently recalled to Washington.

The war on terrorism reached Paraguay:
Asuncion, Paraguay, Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Paraguayan
prosecutors suspect Arab shop owners in a border town long
known as a haven for smugglers have raised at least $50 million
for a Lebanese-based terrorist group in the last four years.
     Three merchants in Ciudad del Este, a city on the border
with Brazil and Argentina that's packed with shops selling
pirated goods, allegedly funneled proceeds from store sales and
charitable donations to Hezbollah, a guerrilla group backed by
Syria and Iran that has launched attacks in Israel, said Carlos
Calcena, a Paraguayan prosecutor.
     ``We suspect that these people have been raising large
sums for this group over the years,'' Calcena said in an
interview. The lawyer for the three suspects denied the

And some other national prominent figures are grabbing the 
opportunity to express their chauvinist views:
FRI, 02 NOV 2001 00:28:43 GMT
At the height of the ongoing debate on proposed constitutional 
changes, the senior clergy of the Macedonian Orthodox Church 
(MPC) have made themselves heard in a tone of voice likely to be 
judged as harsh to the liking of contemporary believers. Harsh, 
perhaps, yet obvious enough as far as those the message was 
addressed to are concerned AIM Skopje, October 18, 2001
Skopje Utrinski Dnevnik, a local newspaper doing its best to 
maintain a reasonably balanced view of the current Macedonian 
crisis, recently carried the warning of the head of MPC, Gospodin 
Stefan, that "members of Parliament voting in favor of amending 
article 19 of the Constitution which, in effect, equates the MPC with 
the Islamic Community and the Catholic Church, will be put to the 
pillory." At home and throughout the diaspora, names of all who
voted in favor of the amendment will be made public. They are to be
publicly dishonored, stigmatized and singled out as "traitors of the 
Macedonian nation".

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