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<nettime> RE: New Scientist: Microwave Crowd Dispersal Tested (ADT)

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> > On Thursday, November 1, 2001, at 07:12 PM, cpaul wrote:
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> > > aluminum foil?
> > >
> > >
> > > Microwave beam weapon to disperse crowds
> i've been following the development of this skin heating
> device for a while, and am keen to learn if there may be
> an effective means to counter its use.
> the new scientist article suggests that the cornea is not
> as resilient as skin when it comes to being bombarded with
> microwaves, hence i seek opinions on how one might protect
> oneself.

Leather or wet clothes may shield most of the body. A wild 
guess to protect the eyes would be something that puts a 
transparent conductive material over them - mirror 
sunglasses, the mylar glasses used for eclipse observations 
(though you could not see anything else through them :-(), 
or the conductive, mostly transparent plastic material 
which is used to package static sensitive electronic components.
Another possibility is to make goggles out of metal flyscreen -
since the wavelength is 3mm, it's doubtful that they can penetrate.
Chain mail would also work for the body.


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