david turgeon on Fri, 27 Jul 2001 10:53:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> symbols for motive (in poetic form)

     [Cc: integer@www.god-emil.dk]

>    \/\  thing.net - initial measures.         paris.spektakle         - 
> canceled
>         242.cement spektakle    - canceled         242.microsoft 
> release   - canceled         nn - it is good to 
> evaporate                  in response to - geert lovink. ted byfield + 
> additional thing.net korporat fascists
>   nn - permanent.vakation

         m^^rKy langu.age 4 m0d3rn t1m3z

         + [0]bscr !xplnd dialektik_gravel ++
         + xpansi^3[nn_sublevels_of_meanings*autorekurrenz^semantikkonfusie] ++

         in a plays of (net(time(mis(under(stan-d-ing))))
         chant the korporatie!  the ritualist!  the sponsored!
         chant the unfinished thinker!  the would-be sharpshooter!
         chant the countercultural watchdog!  the Party Line!
         chant the moderator! (btw, don't delete this msg hehehe ;) ;) ;) 
;) ;) ;) ;)
         chant the Semantic Secret We Share As A Group Of Open, Like Minded 


         > one 22 year old woman - alone -

(invented conversation w/ NN)

[nn == no no; dt == do too]

nn: "what is worse REALLY?  to have no user's manual or to have one that lies?"
dt: "i just want a manual."
nn: "the user's manual is necessarily lying!"
dt: "but humans are reasonable, we can sort that out ourselves."
nn: "with no user's manual you'll be able to make up your own truths & 
lies, which is so much more precious."
dt: "that's just what i would rather not do."
nn: "this shall make no creator out of you!"

         but maybe joyce & cummings would have rather been computer programmers


         we have found a new land
         let's express ourselves like countries do
         (i.e. diplomatically)

         goodbye, junggrammatiker


~ david

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