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<nettime> uncle george gives crypto a leg up

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"Safe Haven"

Interactive Week (07/16/01) Vol. 8, No. 28, P. 30; Rodger, Will 

     CryptoRights Foundation is providing human rights workers with
     encryption and other securities technology that will protect them
     against the hackers, crackers, and online vandals that unbridled
     governments employ. Founded by Dave Del Torto in 1999,
     CryptoRights is the latest development in the privacy revolution
     founded by Whitfield Diffie, who invented public-key
     cryptography, and Phil Zimmerman, the inventor of Pretty Good
     Privacy (PGP). The two became the founding fathers of modern
     cryptography as a result of their concern for the manner in which
     the U.S. government guarded the technology. George Soros' Open
     Society Institute is a supporter of the work of the San
     Francisco-based group, which is looking for more backers. Torto,
     a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley, and his group are primarily
     involved in Guatemala and Peru, although there are plans to help
     human rights groups in other parts of South America, as well as
     activists in Asia and the Middle East. In early February,
     CryptoRights visited activists in Guatemala and configured the
     group's network to guard against leaks and installed the standard
     package of PGP encryption tools for email and disk scrambling.
     CryptoRights is in the process of developing a security guide for
     human rights workers. "The work that CryptoRights is doing to
     encourage the acceptance of strong encryption is really a
     tremendous benefit to the activist community," says Minky Worden,
     director of electronic media for the advocacy group Human Rights

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