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<nettime> Italian Government builds a black block around the police operate

Rome, 24-07-01

280 arrests, 231 people who recurred to medical care (121 demonstrators, 94 
policemen, 16 journalist). These are the numbers given by the Minister of 
Internal Affairs Claudio Scajola, to the Italian Parliament, over the riots 
that took place in Genova, during the G8 Conference.

Quoting "authoritative American sources" (CNN), the Minister sustained the 
so called Black Bloc was formed by 5.000 units. He also sustained that the 
violent fringes were protected and supported by other sectors of the Genoa 
Social Forum, in a dangerous, subversive strategy, which would represent a 
serious thread for Italian democracy.

As an evidence of this statement, the Minister sustained that on Saturday 
morning police agents saw and followed a white van, leaving one of the 
places, the Tardini Stadium - were the demonstrators were hosted. As shown 
by some video footage shot from an helicopter, the van was carrying and 
distributing tens of sticks and iron bar to the demonstrators, before the 
beginning of the demonstration. The van was followed back to the stadium, 
hosting mainly people from the "No Global Network", an organization rooted 
in Naples and in the surroundings. Immediately after, the police entered 
the stadium arresting 23 people. According to a Roman community radio, 21 
of them have been already released by the magistrature, being people who 
were resting in the stadium, because of the injuries reported after the 
riots happened the day before. For the others 2, the arrest has been 
confirmed being the owners of the van.

If the No Global Network never entered the Genoa Social Forum, being on 
more radical positions, the theory of the subversive strategy was extended 
by Scajola to the GSF itself.
In particular the Minister indicated the verbal violence used by the White 
Overalls in the days before the summit (with the call to the violation of 
the Red Zone), as an indirect responsibility in the riots. He also said 
that the most violent disorders that leaded to the murder of Carlo 
Giuliani, took place in the demonstration of the White Overalls.

Finally, the Minister defended the nocturnal raid at the GSF media center 
and at the dormitory.  He said to not have been informed of it, and that it 
was necessary to prevent other disorders, in the following day. The 
Minister fully defended the police operate in this circumstance, as well.

The Government defended the operate of the Minister and said that no heads 
of the security forces are going to fall. The opposition (Ulivo and 
Rifondazione Comunista) asked the Minister to resign and are working on a 
motion of distrust, which will be, with any probability, disapproved. The 
opposition also asked the institution of a Parliament Commission that would 
make clarity on the facts of Genova.

- The demonstrators are collecting a dossier

On the other side, the GSF has launched a national day of protest in all 
the Italian cities against the police violence and to ask the resign of the 
Minister of the Internal Affairs. Yesterday two "spontaneous" demonstration 
were held in Rome, in front of the Parliament House (2-3.000 people 
participated) and in Milan, in front of the  City Council (20,000 people).

In the meantime, hundreds of witness eyes are collecting a dossier and 
Amnesty International is conducing an independent enquiry. Other 
particulars are revealing the presence of neo-fascist and neo-nazis cells 
or groups in the so called "Black Bloc". This is the article published by 
La Repubblica of Monday, the 23rd:


 >GENOVA - "I'm here to destroy everything. I don't care about the G8 or 
anti-globalization >bullshit. The Italian brothers invited me, they told me 
we wouldn't have troubles with the >police, that they would allow us to do 
all we wanted". Liam "Doggy" Stevens, a 26-year->old from Birmingham, is 
happy. "I'm a Nazi, not an anarchist". He sits on the ground in >via 
Casaregis, riots go on a few metres away. His face is covered by a Union 
Jack, he >has a foaming dog on the sweatshirt. "It is the symbol of my 
group, the Black Dogs." His >girlfriend calls him: "Doggy, don't talk to 
journalists!". He gets up and vanishes in the >tear gas.

This new is confirmed by three journalists, working for the independent 
agency Italpress News, who interviewed Stevens while he was branding a 
street pole "extracted" from the footpath. Moreover, two kids referred to 
the newspaper "Il Manifesto", to have seen a group of policemen to throw in 
a bin black shirts, caps and jumpers. Other witnesses say to have seen in 
more circumstances a moped, driven by guys dressed as demonstrators, to go 
quickly back and forward between groups of demonstrators and policemen.

The presence of these groups, together with the evidence  of infiltrators 
leaving a Carabinieri barrack 
makes concrete the ipothesis that who lighted the fire was not, or not 
only, the anarchic Black Block, but a mixture of extreme right groups, and 
"deviated" apparatuses of the Italian State, that made their appearance on 
the stage of Italian history at least 32 years ago, when a bomb 
exterminated 32 people beginning the so called strategy of tension. The 
re-edition of this strategy - strongly denied by the Minister of Internal 
Affairs - can be suspiciously taken in consideration, because of different 
"bomb packs" delivered in the precedent days of the G8 and in the following 
ones, in different cities, such as Genova, Milan and Bologna. The Minister 
of the Internal Affairs says that these terrorist attacks - that luckily 
made no victims until now, but hurted one Carabiniere - have been claimed 
by anarco-insurrectionalists groups. Nevertheless, the suspicions over the 
presumed capacity of these groups to hit so many targets, without being 
busted remain high.

No one can say at the moment, what will be the future of this movement and 
if the civil rights will be definitively suspended in Italy. The theory of 
the "subversive strategy", if not deconstructed, prepares the road to new 
arrests and new repression. In this context  the informative support coming 
from other countries is extremely important, vital. Therefore, i invite you 
to make circulate and subscribe the communicate launched by Strano Network 
(, the dossier on the violation of civil rights by 
( and to send letters of protest to the lists of 
embassies below asking for the institution of a Parliament Commission on 
the facts of Genova.

It's moment to take responsibility.

Much too late to make art,



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