Gabriel Pickard on Wed, 25 Jul 2001 03:03:50 +0200 (CEST)

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infowar & Re: <nettime> genoa redux digest

> And this scaring of people is strategic, it aims to put off the
> idealistic, creative young people who have lived largely safe lives in
> relatively comfortable Europe, from protesting in any immediate
> way against
> the monologue of the rich and powerful, of saying anything different.
That's too true! Next time, I won't stay at home, in front of my computer,
Next time, I'll be there to stick my head in the thick.

I would also like to propose a new intensity of infowar.
An Infowar coupled with immediate buildup of an antithesis to the sellout of
democracy to kapital.
1. against corporat images
2. against corporat politics
3. against corporat media
4. against corporat structures
The buildup should be fast and not centralised at all. Instead, a strong
culture of mutual support.
>     But the movement, particularly in the wake of the Genoa
> summit, urgently
> needs to build its own, alternative democratic legitimacy.
Directly, we would plant the seeds of our alternative economy and society in
the devastated battlefield, a closed factory, a hacked website, fallen
We would use all the ressources and means available.
I believe that it is important that we do not go so far, as to fight against
people, against individuals. We may be against what some fellow human-beings
are doing, but we would only have structural targets. Fighting against
anonymus companies and their personified 'image'. I find it very interesting
to fight a infowar right into the minds of the people inside and backing the

Thanks, Gabriel
Allein das Gute zhlt | Only the Good
economydeliveredfromcapitaldemokratica Kooperate!

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