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Re: <nettime> sit-in backup digest [menso, 'a']

Menso Heus7/22/01 9:44

> You are doing damage to innocent bystanders (networks and their
> administrators, customers of these networks, consumers of these networks)
> just like the rioters are raiding stores in the riot areas that are owned
> by people who have nothing to do with the G8.

correction, everyone has to do with g8. we all do. and especially people who
maintain networks, websites, etc, of them. the important thing in this kind
of battles here is to show and display discontempt. there's not much left
there to do. 

> Now, one will certainly come with the 'argument' "We will do anything it
> takes!" and that's fine, yet those persons should not complain when the
> cops maintain the same method.
> No respect for the so called 'protestors' in Genoa who are breaking down
> the city, setting cars afire, throwing molotov cocktails at cops and then
> wonder why the cops are taking action against them.

so you think maybe protesters should fight police over a chess tournament?
or print articles in le monde diplomatique so that the next time the
policemen read their copies they get so upset that they ruin their

police men and soldiers only understand an attack when it is manifested
physically. top people in corporations and governments know intellectuals
against the systems aren't a threat unless able to cause a crash.
intellectuals who are able to cause a crash have an army behind them, and
they use it in ways which can prove provoking.

> And certainly no respect for lame scriptkiddies doing useless, illegal,
> Denial Of Service attacks and asking others to partake on their useless,
> illegal and lame Denial Of Service attacks.

any proposals then? it is obvious for me that this is a war already won, but
a war where some privileges can still be negotiated? you know what has
happened to sub-comandante marcos wise propposal over 7 years? they end up
everytime at the recycle bin. why? the answer its very obvious. its all
about the power of persuation on negotiation.

hope everything will be ok. always.

nos vemos en el futuro.


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