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<nettime> Re: [rumori] Public Enemy Goes Open Source

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To whom it may concern:

I apologize if I mislead anyone with my recent
MusicDish article about Public Enemy.

Our target audience is substantially new media
professionals.  When I placed quotations around the
phrase "open source", I assumed most of our readers
would understand that I was being "tongue in cheek"
and not literal.

Either way, I take responsibility if this caused any
misunderstanding.  I will forward your info to my
superiors.  We will publish a clarification if

Chas - MusicDish

--- "R. John Heck" <> wrote:
> Thank you for invitation, I had to click in
> agreement to their terms to hear.
> The writer of the article got it wrong. To call a
> song contest 
> promotion 'open source' is to stretch an overused
> phrase out of 
> proportion of its established meaning. The free use
> of an open source 
> work is granted provided any works based upon it are
> also open 
> source. Public Enemy's project is simply the making
> of another Public 
> Enemy album, with PE apparently taking ownership of
> the derived 
> works. To call this project 'Open Source' belies
> both a complete 
> misunderstanding of the practice, as well as lazy
> journalism 
> signalled by an overeagerness to pepper the text
> with trendy 
> buzzwords. The one responsible for the misleading
> invitation is the 
> writer of the article:
> In PE's defence, neither they nor their site
> use the 
> phrase 'open source' in their texts concerning the
> project. Mr. 
> ltvnet  should know better, as he's close to the
> business, that the 
> kind of contracts provided to music entities,
> entertainers, and media 
> personnel don't allow the freedom to give away the
> goods.
> Open source is like a truly public library filled
> with public domain 
> materials, where you are granted the key to the
> stacks for the simple 
> fact that you live in the community. The result of
> so many young 
> persons having access to such a powerful institution
> through their 
> formative years forms the hope that someday one of
> them may make a 
> mature contribution to those stacks, to the benefit
> of all.
> Public Enemy has made significant contributions to
> music, and we mean 
> them no disrespect, but their output has been locked
> up by and 
> shelved behind a cash register down the street.
> Their current project 
> exploits their fanbase, many of whom are no doubt
> eager to appear on 
> a PE release, regardless of the legal requirements.
> The Tape-beatles 
> see the offering of $1000 as a kind of insult; why
> not simply ask the 
> public to collaborate without the collusion of
> lucre?
> The Tape-beatles and Public Works Productions
> >
> >
> >Public Enemy Goes 'Open Source'?
> >By: LTVNET (Associate Writer)
> >2001-07-16
> >Now THIS could be an answer to the so-called
> file-sharing dilemma. 
> >Put the file-sharing public to WORK!
> >Public Enemy of "Fight the Power" fame is producing
> their next CD 
> >with an "open source" twist. If you wanna get
> involved, you better 
> >get hoppin'. After September 14, 2001, your "big
> opportunity" is 
> >gone.
> >Each week, download a newly recorded a cappella
> vocal track from 
> >Public Enemy. Produce some music tracks around the
> vocals and upload 
> >your unique version back to them. Winners get
> $1,000 per song plus 
> >an album credit. How 'bout that?
> >They're stressing innovation and quality. Go Techno
> or even Country 
> >if it works.
> >This collection will fall under Public Enemy's own
> record label 
> >, as they move aggressively to retain
> more creative and 
> >marketing control of their products. PE is also
> partnering with 
> >House of Blues Digital for a DVD of Public Enemy
> live in concert. 
> >Both products are scheduled for release this year.
> >Chuck D of Public Enemy is notorious for his
> "pro-Napster/anti-major 
> >label" views. In 1999, they released an MP3 version
> of their CD 
> >"There's A Poison Goin' On," before the release of
> the actual CD. 
> >This ruffled the fathers of many traditional retail
> outlets who 
> >initially responded by refusing to carry PE's CD in
> their stores.
> >For details on the contest, go to

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